Incendiary talk to Andy from Elle S'appelle

Do you mean that Liverpool bands generally have a more relaxed attitude towards their music? I'm not sure I agree.


Incendiary talk to Andy from Elle S'appelle

This month we grab a quick word with Andy, the bassist from Elle S'appelle; a very interesting band from Liverpool, who we entreat you all to have a listen to. If you haven't already that is.. 


IN: Hyperactive Nursery Rhymes... it's a great description of your music... Did you hear that thing on Radio 4 the other day; that the use nursery rhymes are dying out and no-one can remember them anymore?


A: No. It sounds interesting though wish I'd have caught it. Had a look on the bbc radio site for a playback. No luck...


IN: You make very driven, committed music. Is that fair comment? Are you as committed or as driven as you sound? In some ways that's very un-Liverpool..


A: That's definitely a fair comment and we're made up if it comes across that way. I'm not sure what you mean by Liverpool. It's where we live like. Do you mean that Liverpool bands generally have a more relaxed attitude towards their music? I'm not sure I agree. Bands that we know and play with around here could probably show us a thing or two about being driven and committed!


IN: I also hear the Talking Heads thing. What is it about the 'Heads that you like?


A: Just about everything! I'm a bit obsessed. What I like most is how some really obvious points of reference come across in their music, but they don't appear to be from a previous generation of 'cool' or 'indie' music. They sound more like adverts or infomercials! Lyrically I reckon Nothing but Flowers is the best thing I've ever heard. 'This was a Pizza Hut. Now it's all covered with daisies'. I love that.


IN: I'm going to sound like an old get now, but sometimes you don't half sound like an angry Stereolab... or, God forbid, a happy Monks! Is it possible that you can comment on this?


A: At the risk of sounding like a pup, I haven't heard much of either sorry... I'm going to make sure I have a look though! I reckon we probably get their stuff second hand and in abundance from other bands that we listen to. You can probably trace them back through Mates of State, the Futureheads, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Pixies, all of whom we overplay.


IN: Where next for Elle S'appelle?


A: We've just about finished some new recordings. We're hoping that they will form part of a release. We're looking at touring in a few months and maybe getting as far as 'that London!' too. Other than that we've got a few other 'projects' that we're having fun with. We're going to hide away in a dark room for a few days and return with something animated!



Words: Richard Foster