Incendiary get deep down with Elektra

The forest remains the only dwelling where I feel fully at home. My grandma, who was raised in the Siberian wilderness, just let me run there freely from dawn till dusk, rarely worrying about me, as she knew I wasn’t a fool.

Incendiary talk to Snowstar Records

And I'd like to hate on POST NL that continue to raise their prices, making mail ordering from labels less fun than it could be.

Incendiary Snatch a Moment with Dum Dum Girls

Shades on, quiet, and curled up in a monstrously big leather chair, Dee Dee was charm itself but maybe bemused at the ridiculously early interview time.

Incendiary talk to Robert Raths and Ryan West from Erased Tapes

I’m trying to protect the artists on the label, and the listeners for Erased Tapes from that, from that mono-world.

Incendiary speak to CNdY

“It’s really about a new experience for Chinese people, whether that’s through drugs or something else – something like our music.”

Incendiary look to find interesting things to do in Belgium. With British Sea Power.

On a scale of eccentricity I give us a 6 or 7. I’ve never really understood the concept of eccentricity myself. It’s a coverall for all kinds of things that could be better described.

Incendiary interview WOLVON in seven chapters

Also we are really stuck with them… almost literally. Cos Subroutine, when they wrote up our first press release they wrote all this stuff about our beards, and man… that’s followed us round. Stuff about our beards.

Incendiary interview Coco Rosie round the kitchen table

And even for me as a woman, I take for granted all the freedoms I have and it’s hard for me to, you know, to realise that that is happening today, and our world is very archaic and NOT updated!

Incendiary interview Andy Moor of The Ex

To be honest I don’t know that enough about the Dutch scene. We don’t seem to be part of it, we don’t get invited into it, I don’t even know how they see us, whether they see us as an old Dutch punk band..

Incendiary talks to the Interlocutor, Alex White

It just felt like the right thing and the right time to do it, even though it was a bit rushed.

Incendiary interview SUUNS

This kind of retro thing in music now… we’re all kind of looking back to look forward you know? We do too. It’s kind of always been like that but now it’s really as if the retro thing is the dominant force in new music.

"Cause caring is rude" Incendiary talk to Lou Barlow

Prior to Dinosaur Jr.’s Paradiso gig, Incendiary sought out nineties indie luminary Lou Barlow for a chat.

Incendiary chat to Gudrun Gut

In the 80s, Germany did not have an infrastructure for independent music, but it started. America and England were the masters of pop then. I think now you can listen to very good new music from all over the world and that’s liberating.

Incendiary talk to Fawn Spots

When you work you really start seeing the value of time in a very tangible way, and music seems like the total opposite of what working in an office represents - we just have to do something outside of that.

Incendiary interview Nouveau Vélo

The basis is friendship and the fact that we see people getting pleasure from what our friendship has produced is special to us. Friendship is the basis, the fundamental element in Nouveau Vélo. But there is a lot of separateness about us. Eenheid.

Incendiary puzzle things out with Wooden Constructions

I think our inspiration comes from completely random things, like a broken traffic light, or some drums from Burundi, or a crying yoga teacher lying naked on the floor. There’s no logic to it.

Incendiary iron cardigans with Cody Chesnutt

It is not the ideal time for a half drunk Incendiary member to stumble into the dressing room and interrupt your ironing but this was exactly the situation that Cody Chesnutt and I found ourselves in. He was armed with an iron and a half de-creased red cardigan. I was armed with a memo recorder and a brain that was beginning to lose its faculties

Incendiary interview Wally van Middendorp

The olive oil, the holy water, the milk in the goat’s horn are all part of a ritual to protect me and the musicians on stage from going insane, some of sort of African voodoo I don’t believe in.

Incendiary spin some vinyl with Rats on Rafts

You know we’d maybe make a dub record, we’ve thought of making a dub record. That should happen at some point. It will happen after we have new stuff, but you’ve got to take things from dub and keep it Rats. We can’t be just appropriating it. But we love reggae….

Incendiary have an online chat with Snorkel

I have always thought of Snorkel as some kind of organism or eco system which has it's own set of logic and rules which the musicians are engaging with.

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