Incendiary speak to Moon Visionaries

Incendiary speak to Moongoose

Incendiary interview Warpaint.

Incendiary speak to Delphic

Incendiary speak to Wendy McNeill

Incendiary speak to Colin Newman

I think it is, however, important to make some kind of interpretation of the zeitgeist, just not the same as everyone else does!

Incendiary speak to Pete Kember of Spectrum and Spaceman 3

just felt a need to get something new out that reflected what I'd been doing on tour in the last 3 years.

Incendiary talk to Spoelstra

The 10" is made from polycarbonate, a form of plastic actually. Only 50 copies exist and they were hand made in New Zealand..

Introducing...Charlie Barnes

I hadn't planned on reviewing the night, but half an hour later after trying to scrape my brain off the ceiling it was a different story

Incendiary interview CoCoRosie

there were times during my “mini-trial” when I was left wondering if there really was an actual material, structural difference between CoCo Rosie’s world and ours

Incendiary sit down for a while with Tom McRae

You spend the first five years trying desperately not to fail and fuck up and you spend the rest of your career desperately trying to find ways to fuck up, because that’s where it gets good.

Incendiary speak to AC Berkheimer

Things can get quite tense in the rehearsal space creating the things we want..

Incendiary speak to Wild Beasts

Violence is certainly a fascination of mine. I think it is an obsession in art in general.

Incendiary speaks to the legendary Paul Simpson

If a revolution comes I don’t believe it will be musical, it will be political. 

Incendiary Interview Scout Niblett

What was the catch phrase for Asda when they used to slap their bums?

Incendiary Interview Maps

But with a synth you have COMPLETE control. You can control if you want to de-tune it (which I do a lot) or you can get the perfect pitch you're searching for straight away. I just find synths more exciting to be honest!

Incendiary Interview Fuck Buttons

That’s what was really noticeable with working with Andy Weatherall, the sense of space he brought to the recordings, as well as the level of detail over particular musical ideas or passages.

Interview with Gravenhurst part 2

Talking about psycho-geography, indeed admitting that you like psycho-geography is a good way of making you sound like a complete twat. It’s a short-cut to being a twat.

Incendiary interview Gravenhurst part 1

There is a lot of music around that is fetishizing a lost innocence of folk music. There is a worrying preponderance of beards in folk music...

Incendiary chew the cud with i LiKE TRAiNS

There are millions of bands at the moment and you do need people to take notice that you are different and I guess we’re undergoing an evolution and leaving lots of things behind, but that’s all part of the process.

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