Incendiary interview Plant Duw

When the Super Furries were huge, you had the absurd situation of bands from South Wales singing in the (very different) North Walian accent to sound more like Gruff Rhys.

Incendiary have a quick chinwag with Frank Sidebottom

I had a mate from Accrington who wouldn't go on holiday without a couple of boxes of Kellogs cornflakes. Do you have any similar tips for those bent on foreign travel?

Incendiary take a stroll with Julian Cope -Part 5

I’m a rock’n’roller so I’ll get up at 6am and write straight through until 6pm and then get absolutely trashed.

Incendiary take a stroll with Julian Cope - Part 1

...there were twenty-five Slovakian motorcyclists in this Little Chef and every one of them just got up and legged it as soon as we walked in...

Incendiary go on a stroll with Julian Cope - Part 2

...Why didn’t you run with the popstar thing?

JC: Because I was surrounded by cunts...

Incendiary take a stroll with Julian Cope - Part 3

Julian Cope is lost. He went off on a mission to get some sandwiches, took a shortcut, made a U-turn and lost mobile phone contact with the crew.

Incendiary take a stroll with Julian Cope - Part 4

...If you set yourself up to put yourself on the edge of human experience what comes forth is your uber-human side. It’s just a fantastic feeling.

Incendiary interview V. Vale of RE/Search publications

Information overload has a numbing effect. One "solution" is to avoid as much "news" media as possible. Choose fewer sources of inspiration, not more."

Incendiary interview Micachu

The best gig we did was up in Cumbria in Barrow in Furness. It was really odd, all the locals and some artists, it felt like a youth group…

Incendiary interview Daily Bread

We are at music school, and 90% of the people there listen to Led Zeppelin, or some blues shit and they don’t want to make anything new. They only do guitar solos and drum solos and waste their time.

Incendiary Inteview Brett Anderson once again

You get distracted by the whole rock star myth. Fame and money and all of those things, they’re seductive things.

Incendiary interview Fulton Lights

I know what it sounds like if I just plug my voice up front but what happens to the song if you don’t do that?

Incendiary interview Daniel Land And The Modern Painters - part one

I flipped it over and there was Loveless by My Bloody Valentine on the other side and I was just "what the FUCK is this?" - it's my favourite start to an album ever, those four drumbeats and then everything just goes whooooaaaah, you know?

Incendiary interview Daniel Land and the Modern Painters - part two

The whole point of Sonic Cathedral is that although it comes from a shoegaze background it does try to cultivate an open music policy; you don't just hear shoegaze, you hear its inspirations and the things it turned into.

Incendiary interview Hospital Bombers

Our drummer draws cartoons too, right-handed mind; incomprehensible mini comic strips about a pig and a beer drinking Slayer fan with an upside down face. You see, it all adds up.

Incendiary interview the British Expeditionary Force

During the whole creation of the first album we didn't even meet, so we didn't really know how we were going to pull it off live or anything - we didn't care; we didn't really feel like it was something we were going to need to do live.

Incendiary interview Marcel Schooten of SUB071

A band like Julie Mittens is a band that Leiden should be proud off and without us they would not be able to perform here.

Incendiary interview Wymer Vaatstra from Vox Von Braun

I like the East of Holland. Before I lived in Groningen, I lived down in Maastricht and… I’m not really attracted to the Randstad, I find it a bit too crowded I guess.  I’d like to live on an island and do my things.

Incendiary interview Joep van Son from The Sugarettes and The Very Sexuals

I love choruses where you have to put your arms in the air. And I love male / female harmonies. The tension that you get when you sing with each other is amazing.

Incendiary interview Appie Kim

We’re not polite anymore about things anymore, you know we just think right, we like that sound, and we’re gonna play it and tear down the fucking house! (Laughs)

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