Incendiary interview Subroutine Records

We just plug along, we have done for a number of years… and we are slowly but surely getting recognition from the trendies in the Randstad. Better late than never!

Incendiary interview My Brightest Diamond

I’m interested in fluidity. Part of the idea for many of the songs for the new LP (A Thousand Shark’s Teeth) especially the last half of the record; I’m allowing the melody to dictate what happens.

Incendiary interview Adam Green (again)

"I’ve carved a big crater for myself. Which I can die in! But if I can I may burrow all the way through and then I can get to China."


Incendiary interview White Williams

"I wanna make music that doesn’t have too many goals. But maybe I wanna make music that doesn’t fall into any genre."

Incendiary interview Heads We Dance

It's a sense of the ridiculous but with rough edges; it's exciting to listen to, it's not just Rick Wakeman, you know?

Incendiary interview Isobel Campbell

"I am really questioning, “Why do I do this?”, at the moment."

Incendiary interview the mighty Calvin Party

"Holland has always been that sort of halcyon land to which some Brits venture to escape the continuum of Victoriana-Puritanism... and the U.K. culture of drunkenness is an outcome of that, a brutal working class expression of dis-connection with all that is seen as valued... "

Incendiary speak to Michael Rother

Maybe it is not apparent to the listener but it was and is always the same heart and mind behind my music. For me it feels like I’m moving in spirals and the ideas of Harmonia - as well as NEU! - are at all times close to my heart, and part of my thinking.

Incendiary go on a jolly with the Long Blondes (part one)

"It’s like we’ve purposefully made a difficult second album and I don’t hear any top ten smashes on there at all. It’s a way of setting our stall out. This album’s job is to point towards the third album. "

Incendiary go on a jolly with the Long Blondes (part two)

"We do try, spending hours and hours plotting on how to get onto the radio, and trying to keep up with developments on these social networking sites, all that and then you go back to the records we’ve made and it’s totally incongruous! "

Emo - The Meaning of Life or Just of Emo!

EMO: What is it? G. Rolter answers the age old question, kinda.

Incendiary interview British Sea Power - part one

"I was in the graveyard in Penrith, sitting on a grave and having a fag when this guy comes over..."

Incendiary interview Jenny Lewis

"I think that country music as an art form is great because it is so American and it is so wrapped up with great, tragic but strong female voices and singers. There is such a strong female perspective in country music. Where in rock on the other hand, there are so few. "




Incendiary interview British Sea Power - part two

"We are a psychedelic boy band.... "

Incendiary ask Michael Head some questions about the Pale Fountains...

"I think re-development is a good thing as long as it's been discussed with all the people immediately involved. Like tenants, shop keepers, tramps. "

A Serious Case of Inner Space… Incendiary worship at the feet of Can

Soon after the press conference breaks up for good. I find myself being politely (but quite surreally) handed a piece of cake by Holger Czukay.

Incendiary worship at the feet of Can - Part Two

I spot the widow of Michael Karoli pointing out his guitars to her children. “That’s dad’s guitar”… I wonder how she feels at all this.


Incendiary interview Jim White

In the spectrum of stupid ideas of how to finance a film, right there at the top is financing your film by driving a cab.  Oh lord! 

Incendiary interview Kevin Drew

We said to JR Mascis you can’t bring four amps, can you just bring two? There was a bit of a thing, but he came with two and then at the show he snuck a third one on. (Laughs..) It was really funny, like a little kid… “Oh sorry, I can’t play with less than three”.

Incendiary interview Blood Red Shoes

Actually we saw a false beard shop recently. In the window there was a woman’s face with a beard attached. Where was it? Bremen? Bremen was weird…

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