Incendiary Magazine speaks to Air Cav

No, we don’t sound very ‘Manchestah’ – not the historical sound and certainly not like the current crop of bands from Manchester. We simply don’t have that clichéd Gallagher swagger, that faux-aggression that bands like The Courteeners play on continually which has actually become a bit dull; mainly because it’s become about ‘attitude’ and not the music.

Incendiary interview Sharin Foo of The Raveonettes

I think we toured and partied too much at one stage in our career, and it really made the quality of the shows pretty awful.

Incendiary speak to Steve Reid

The other idea, my original idea was to get “Africa”, the feeling of Africa in Daxaar without it becoming an African demonstration piece, really try and show people what its like to make music in Africa.

Incendiary interviews Iron & Wine

After the initial greeting and pleasantries were exchanged, we retired to a wooden picnic table, Sam lit up a smoke, I pressed record on my little machine and we began to talk.

Incendiary speak to the mighty Duke Special

Incendiary speak to the mighty Duke Special


Incendiary interview Ramesh from Voxtrot

I'm certainly not saying that all Northerners are good and Southerners are bad but I will say that there's a certain instant upfront quality of connection between Northern people and Scots that certainly doesn't translate to the South.

Incendiary interview Tom McRae - part one

I've been mugged before, but never at gun point. So that was interesting.

Incendiary interview Tom McRae - part two

The difference is, if I had a hit and was making loads of money, the only thing in my life that would be different than it is now is that I'd probably be wearing better jeans.

Incendiary talk to Andy from Elle S'appelle

Do you mean that Liverpool bands generally have a more relaxed attitude towards their music? I'm not sure I agree.

Incendiary chat to the legendary Michael Gira

It's a good tension… the commercial thing. I mean where would the Beatles have been? I mean they became very, very creative in the studio as they went on, but if the commercial aspect wasn't so forcibly there they maybe would have gone in to the studio and masturbated.

Incendiary Magazine speak to Michael Head from Shack

You could say that about Arthur Lee and his music, but he still put a knife to me throat.

Incendiary have a nice cup of tea with 1990s

Jackie has always written good tunes, even back in the Yummy Furs, simple and really catchy.

Incendiary have a nice cup of tea with 1990s - Part Two

People in music industry have had it too good for too long.  Maybe if records sales suffer from downloading it will force bands to be more original and make better records.




Incendiary interviews Brett Anderson - part two

this whole production thing is just a big load of bollocks to be honest.

Incendiary interviews Brett Anderson - part one

I kind of need to know who I am sometimes and I'm just sort of discovering that really.

Incendiary share a pint with Bow Mods

They've asked me back to judge for the semi-finals. An all expenses trip to Scarborough. Sinead Quinn, who came second in pop idol a couple of years ago, is another one of the judges and Lil Chris is performing. What a plethora of talent.

Incendiary share a pint with Bow Mods, part two

As Patrick Johns did say to me "When you started humping the floor during Country Girls it made me get a little bit of a funny feeling in my winkle" I said "that wasn't my intention Patrick, although you did look gorgeous in your hat"

Incendiary talk to Ivan Campo

The Book of Campodia itself is made up of a collection of lyrics & the map of the Isle of Campodia, in which characters taken from the songs live. It's quite Brechtian in a way....


Incendiary speak to the legendary Kevin Cummins

Where are the squats now? Where are the dole kids? These days you need a five year plan and a top floor penthouse in an Urban Splash Urban Identikit box room.

Incendiary chow down with Charlotte Hatherley, part one

I mean being with a bunch of boys can be… you know you are on the tour bus and you have to adapt and ‘be' on the tour bus and embrace all that life style, or you have to react and go even further the other way and be a real girl about it.




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