Incendiary interviews Mark Morriss of The Bluetones

"I'm not saying there were badminton courts there but there were washing lines!"

Incendiary interviews Duke Special

"Well you know it's good to be able to make an omelette on stage every now and again."

It's a dwarf wouldn't understand… Incendiary ask BIG dwarf some que

"We're a bit Spinal Tap... where they could go "1 louder" we like to go "1 weirder"!!! ha ha. I would say our best critical appraisal was once whilst listening to our toones a Woman passed out and a Guy had a panic attack (possibly chemically induced I may add) LoL ha ha! "

Incendiary interview CSS

"Alcohol is about an ex friend, someone who Lovefoxx (the singer) hated for a week, but now she loves her again. Still, in that week she used her feelings and wrote a song."

Incendiary interview The Long Blondes

"I believe we've got to be about being someone's favourite ever band. And that's not about selling so many albums, or fitting into a certain demographic, nor is it being cussedly out on a limb, it's more to do with contributing positively to a form of culture."

Incendiary take a stroll with The Witch & the Robot

"We're havin' a bring-and-buy sale but we'll do a techno set over it. A techno second-hand-pant-ruck, that's what it's gonna be called."

Incendiary interview Midlake

To me, Roscoe is me going for it but I can see where people would hear that and be, “Now that's kind of like soft rock.”

Incendiary interview Neil Hannon of the Divine Comedy

If I give myself a chance to be anal about the vocals I will take every available opportunity to go on and on until I'm fucked. So I did.

Incendiary Interviews James Dean Bradfield

I mean, I still can't figure out why we went to Cuba?

Incendiary meet back up with Nada Surf


 I mean, I worry sometimes. I'm a little bit lazy in regular life.






Incendiary interview Nick Diamonds from Islands.

"Well Paul Simon's Graceland that was a big influence, Fleetwood Mac, The Travelling Wilberrries, pretty much straightforward pop. My parent's weren't intellectually out there stuff like Can… but that trickles down. You know the door is opened and then you walk through it… "

Incendiary chow down with Ed Harcourt

"Hey you've got a British Sea Power badge on your bag there (indeed I had) You know I was once on a ferry with them? And their guitarist challenged me to a wrestling match in the fucking casino bar, in front of all these people. "

Incendiary interview Eagle*Seagull at the Paradiso

"I really like Arcade Fire, so it's fine if people compare us to them, but the album doesn't sound anything like Arcade Fire to me. I think the whole thing started because of this journalist in Omaha who saw us once live and said, boy these guys are just like Arcade Fire. He has since retracted on that statement."

Incendiary grapple with Morton Valence

"I'm having dark visions of blokes with berets and goatee beards, smoking French cigarettes, reading Kerouac and Anias Nin, drinking black coffee in the New Piccadilly, fantasising over Joyce Grenfell and wondering why they never get shagged.

We prefer the shallow types! 


De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid “The Boekhorststraat Interview”

"That's what Dutch people find offensive I guess. When you are not out to copy British or American bands, then there must be something fishy about it… what are you doing then?"

De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid “The Boekhorststraat Interview” part two

"My mother came from Indonesia with only mix tapes from there. Which are really great by the way! (Laughs) My father came from this very Catholic family where they only played Dutch folk music, and marching band music!"

Incendiary interview Eagle*Seagull at the Paradiso part two

"Western Nebraska is really beautiful, you can drive through it and there is like nothing as far as you can see."

Incendiary speak to the legendary Thighpaulsandra.

"I had huge fights with John Balance and Julian hasn't spoken to me for almost four years and I doubt he ever will again but conflict does spark creativity and I thrive on that."

Incendiary share a moment or two with Cara Dillon




Incendiary interview Finn Andrews from The Veils

"To create a story, Martin Amis said that you can easily create believable theoretical standpoints and arguments for characters that aren't your own…"

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