Club 3+2+1 Carusella, Julie Mittens, Kaspar van der Hoek Linkse Kerk, Leiden 31/

Club 3+2+1 Carusella, Julie Mittens, Kaspar van der Hoek Linkse Kerk, Leiden 31/10/08


Save the Linkse Kerk! Stop the Greedheads and emotionally stunted bores that proliferate in the Randstad wrecking yet another place where interesting things happen. Holland’s getting boring and grey and regulated in many regards, though in truth, having noiseniks Carusella and the Mighty Mittens in a room that wasn’t soundproofed did seem a bit of a Kamikaze move…


First to perform was Kaspar van der Hoek, whose act consists of him, a viola and a lot of pedals. Hoek proceeded to make a lot of noise through lots of wires and appliances, and it was all very much of a muchness; until he started to use the viola. Then things got far more interesting. A sound not too dissimilar to Tangerine Dream’s Electronic Meditation ensued, (albeit without the freeform drumming obviously): lots of creepy, ethereal melody lines were put through a primeval electronic stew and a restful, maudlin atmosphere was built up.



Carusella are a two-piece from Israel whose sole intent is to make a hell of a racket, Babes in Toyland style. It helped that the skin basher (who also drums for Monotonix) is a born-again drumming lunatic, full of tricks and angles (such as balancing one-legged on his stool) and the doe-eyed harpy who thrashes her guitar as if it was a ragdoll threw a lot of interesting musical shapes. This was live music at its best, creative, fun, of the moment, allowing the audience to suspend disbelief…  It was fantastic.



Europe’s greatest free rock band, Julie Mittens then shambled on and began their (traditional?) warm-up-that-becomes-a-gig routine. As ever, Aart-Jan’s guitar lines tore down buildings and Michel’s rumbling bass created some sort of sonic platform for a display of beautifully interpretive drumming from Leon. The sound was a bit muffled, and flat; some reverb drenched guitar lines did seem to fall on their arse a bit… It seems in retrospect that the Linkse Kerk’s space is suited for crisp, minimal sounds rather than the epic walls of noise that the Mittens knock up. Still, it was a standard Mittens gig, i.e. pretty heroic with moments of pure brilliance.



Afterwards we partied (as you do) and hoped that this extraordinary space isn’t railroaded into unthinking servitude.


Words: Richard Foster

Pics: Courtesy of Sub071