Local Anesthetic – S/T (Various Artists)

Local Anesthetic – S/T (Various Artists)

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Now, I like shouty, obscure punk compilations a lot; and as shouty punk compilations go, this is an absolute belter. For those naiads and dryads who like something softer and more refined, I’d still check this out, if only for two stunning tracks from a surprising source.


This is a compilation of singles and related tracks from a Colorado punk label Local Anesthetic, (set up in 1981). It’s mostly filled with hardcore punk, but there are the odd moments of New Wave paranoia (check out the Joy Division stylings of The Weasels and the shrieking chanteuse Jerri Rossi’s brilliant take on James Brown’s It’s a Mans Mans Mans World)


For sweaty Neanderthal hardcore punk you can’t get much finer than the tracks offered up by Frantix; especially opener My Dad’s A Fucking Alcoholic, (though Face Reality runs it damn close). Bum Kon join in the party, obviously smashed, and rarely able to string a sentence together, their hugely enjoyable Drunken Sex Sucks should be on everyone’s playlist.


Now for that surprise. Allen Ginsberg (yes, the poet himself) decides to rail against humanity in Birdbrain. Essentially it’s Ginsberg becoming more and more ludicrously funny over a Soft Boys style backing from Gluons. Gluons’ own effort, Sue Your Parents (apparently for making you get a Republican haircut) is also a joy unrefinéd.


Top stuff if you’re in the mood.


Words: Richard Foster