Believo! - Radical Myths

Believo! - Radical Myths


A highly enjoyable slab of screaming (well, high pitched) thrash pop, this record. Very much in love with the whole No Age post-rock thang, Believo’s splendid opener Teenage Stuff hangs around just long enough to justify the songs title. Truly the sound of squeezing spots. Blind is similarly high-octane with high pitched shouting and a wall of angry guitars fighting for your attention. Be warned, the template is pretty much set from hereon in with impassioned, sound-filled songs like Title Ran Away and competing for whatever air is left in the room.


Swordfight and Intuition do offer a smidgeon of relief with their doomy bass lines, crystalline guitar runs and (overall) more considered approach to what constitutes an alternative guitar based pop song using electronically amplified equipment. As such they are very effective tracks, the band does boast some good songs, let it be said.


Little Kisses is a great track too, with a melodic, breathless rush of guitars announcing its arrival. Keep on Laughing and One Moment remind us of the opening rush whilst Yourself has maudlin, passive/aggressive teenage feelings to spare.


Overall, it’s big, heart-on-sleeve stuff, and definitely one to jump around to.


Words: Richard Foster