Venus Fly Trap - Come With Us

Relentless. That’s a pretty decent way of summing up this startling little album. It gets out of the blocks at a heart pounding rate and never really lets up apart from the odd feedback infested wig-out ending. As an album it’s a big bad mixture of all things rock and indie and is as confused as a hangover in a handbag but by Christ it’s thrilling stuff.


But don’t throw away the Hovis yet because this is no, “best thing since sliced bread” type thing, it’s just the sound of a bunch of mates locked up in a  room and making a hell of a racket. But there’s promise there and a great big fucking skip load of potential. It’s loud, it’s grimy, it’s fuzzy and it’s just exactly what we need round these parts, let me tell you. Slap this on your click wheel and go bruise something. It’s time to get excited.