Vox Von Braun - Something Ain’t Wrong

Vox Von Braun - Something Ain’t Wrong

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Bloody hell, how good is this LP? Seriously, people this is a classic pop record. Like they used to make them. Drawing on a host of recognisable influences, Something Ain’t Wrong nevertheless does what all truly great records do; it synthesizes all the sum of its parts into a meaningful, coherent and attractive body of work: a body of work that, moreover, has the power and wit to move you in unexpected ways. That’s what good artists do, innit?


Many of the songs tell of Wymer Vaastra’s quiet, ‘complicated’ life; in some ways the quiet first (and last) few songs are very reminiscent of Ultra Vivid Scene, especially stuff like the beautiful Cool Down. Elsewhere the band lets rip on tracks like Empty Bar, Get Real, Lord of Pesetas and Julia and a glorious warm soup of a noise blasts forth. The mid-section of this LP is as strong as I’ve heard; it’s relentless, uplifting.


The best track, by far though is near the end. Morning Sun is a duet with Appie Kim’s Natasha van Waardenburg. Coming on like Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood, the pair create a veritable slab of 60s camp Gothick. It’s a track oozing genius and frankly deserves to be number one all over Europe. Now.


Get this record.


Words: Richard Foster