Jules' Review of 2004

Incendiary's favourite librarian sends you all a short note.


There was some fine albums released this year.  Wilco's latest, A Ghost is Born, is notable for it's strength of songwriting, imaginative arrangements and searing guitar work from Jeff Tweedy, but ultimately I'll have to hand the album of the year prize to Brian Wilson's Smile.  Well worth the 37 year wait.  Thanks, Bri.


I didn't buy any singles.  I don't think I've been particularly aware of singles for years now, but I have heard songs by The Zutons, Jet, Snow Patrol and Razorlight that I'm pretty sure were all singles and I was mighty impressed by all of these.


Best gig of the year for me was The Waterboys 3-man acoustic show at Wolverhampton Civic Hall back in October.  Nobody's music can take me higher than these guys - Steve Wickham's enchanted fiddle and Richard Naif's rhythmic piano backing the ever youthful Mike Scott and his much overlooked songbook.  Wonderful stuff.


I'm afraid this year's flavour of the month Franz Ferdinand are somewhat lost on me, but then I never was much of a man for 'jerky pop'.  Or, for that matter, was I a fan of men wearing short sleeved dress shirts, so I'll give them my 'worst dressed' prize.


Wishes for next year?  I'm looking forward to the reissue of The Waterboys' Fisherman's Blues, which may be expanded to a boxed set.  Watch this space!  I also hope that I manage to get my own album out there and that people like it.  Well, at least some of it.


Happy New Year everyone.

Words : Jules Gray