Flaming Hell, it's June already?

Bloody hell


Bloody hell,


We're half way through the year already? Scary biscuits.

It's been a cracker so far and this month looks like it's going to be another one worth remembering. Festivals are beginning to happen and there are more than a few established artists releasing stuff this month, so we'll try to keep tabs on them all.

As for this month's issue, be sure to check out the Tom McRae and Aimee Mann albums as they are both marvellous. The new Eels album is astounding and Ben Folds, whilst losing a bit of cheek has created a very impressive album indeed since he ran off to Oz. Worth checking out.

We've put the Rufus Wainwright review on this month's cover for a few reasons. 1) It took me bloody ages to finally sit down and write about it and 2) it was such a great gig that it deserves a feature spot.

After our experiences with I Am Kloot and The Rakes this month we may never be allowed into certain places ever again, but fun was had by all. You can read all about it though, so have fun.

Be warned though, The Fall article may just be the end of you.


I'll be back later when I've got something else to tell you.