Happy New Year

And you thought we'd forgotten about you

Well here we are folks. 2005 and all that. Recovered yet? Well we have, just about. There we were at the back end of December, feeling all smug with ourselves and happy with the way our lives were merrily trundling along. So smug in fact that we decided to let everyone have a holiday. Everyone of us. (See how kind we are? You should come work for us.)


Anyway, I went off to England and Ireland, Richard buggered off to England also, but to deeper, darker parts than I. A few of our writers stayed here in the flat land and our tech experts spent three weeks playing Dungeons and Dragons in a warehouse in Exeter. We all had fun. Then we all got ill. There's a nasty dose of the lurgy floating around the Incendiary shed at the moment so you'd best beware should any of you happen to pass by.


What I'm trying to say is that we all forgot about Incendiary for a few weeks. We deserved to. We've been working bloody hard on it. (Not a word! From any of you!) So we did, we all went on holiday, ate ourselves into a new jeans size and drank ourselves into oblivion, only to return and find that the server had collapsed in a heap.


Well, fear not, because with the aid of some sticky back plastic, a lot of shouting and a bit of electronic mouth to mouth we're back! Expect some new articles up in the coming days, with a belting issue heading your way in February. And this year, we're going to be like a new roll of toilet paper. Bigger, stronger and better than ever.


2005 will be an Incendiary year indeed.

Stay tuned.