Incendiary News - August 2006

Hullo chaps!


Incendiary News


Hullo chaps!


Hope this August finds you well; it certainly finds us in high spirits as we head off to Haldern in Germany to experience possibly the best outdoor festival in Europe (well we are biased but what the heck?) It has been a busy month, what with blinding concerts by Bromheads Jacket, Franz Ferdinand and De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid to name but three. And how many interviews have we got this month? We spoil you we really do. Thighpaulsandra, Midlake, Josh Ritter, Eagle Seagul, Morton Valence; I mean, where else does the legendary Thighpaulsandra get to talk about IKEA? Nowhere else.


We also experienced the Nieuwe Anita for the first time too, what a lovely venue that is, we implore you all to check it out. Check out these interviews this month; the Morton Valence & Midlake ones are cracking reads, and we just can't help hero-worshipping De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid, Holland's saviours and the only band worth bothering about at present (well, till British Sea Power release the new LP). Hey, I might be old and faltering in my steps (Damian is already dribbling and regularly uses pipe cleaners in places he shouldn't) but we are still free to gush and fuss over this band. Check 'em out now, you hear me? 


Other shocking news; incendiary were kindly invited to the Vice Summer Party, where we looked on in dismay at lots of shallow people who pretended to know each other, all wearing those skinny jeans and white trainers. I tell you it was like revisiting my past, suddenly I was back in Rishton Rollerama in 1984 and sitting in a corner waiting for New Order to come on the sound system. Like a couple of old maids, the incendiary team sat in another corner next to a very nice designer and a lovely lady from Islington. Oh for a cup of tea!


TTFN Richard.