Incendiary News December 2004

Jesus what a month (indeed what a month this is for Jesus I suppose, but I digress).

Incendiary News December

Jesus what a month (indeed what a month this is for Jesus I suppose, but I digress).

Well, mind expansion with the Rakes, booze and books with Franz, and thee worst hangover ever experienced in front of 2000 disgusted fusion fans. And that's just me. Whosoever sayeth Incendiary doth not rock?

We've got some lurvely stuff this month, with lots of new talented writers culled from only the best journalistic sweat shops. Hold their hands and make them feel happy, eh, readers? Seriously, and rarely, for one so modest as me, I can now boast that NEVER has there been such an array of writing talent on one web magazine.

Well, incendiary news, I suppose, is that due to a mammoth cold I've Not sorted out a proper party club night for Incendiary, that'll be a New Year's Cheer Me Up thing instead. No, we're going on the piss in Amsterdam, starting with Fish & Chips at Als Plaice (sic!) and then wherever the fancy takes us, tho' as a request to all and sundry, I would like to go to Het Kuil, where you can get these massive gas bags full of dope smoke...I also wanna go to this club behind the Melkweg where you get this heavy Lesbian Berthold Brechtian scene strangely co-existing with Rockabilly & Bluegrass in the next room. Last weekend before Xmas? Okay with you lot?

A big thanks to Paard van Troye, Boerderij, Rotown and Plato, who have lent their support in showing the world just how good we are. And you lot thought it was just me & Daims in our bedrooms ( we've got matching football wallpaper / duvet sets by the way).

Incendiary are doing their list thing (you know, best of 2004) for January. Got any thoughts on best/worst album/gig/artist? Post em on the forum. Me, I can't work out how I can have Franz Ferdinand's, Kingdom of Roger's & Glide's albums all sharing first place for best 2004 lp. Worst? Anything in the Rhythm Factory bracket. They are lying and scheming in a most cynical way; trying to exploit us all into a state of paranoia if we don't own Babyshambles records. A hearty fuck off and crap new year to them.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year you bunch of drunks!