Incendiary News February 2006

Hello Everyone!

Incendiary News February 2006




Hello everyone! Well, what a month we have in store for you! Ridiculous interviews (have you read the Terry Reid one? You MUST), sonic LPs to discover great live reviews (who said Chicks on Speed are boring?) and news of some fabbo interviews next month. When I say that one of these new interviews is with a man who needed to get normal by working in a fast food outlet, well... the only thing I can ask you is, can you wait? (Well, you're going to have to. Sorry).


We might also have a HUGE interview with one of the veritable moguls of the alternative music scene. And another mogul may actually write for us... Golly.


Other news. It is sad to see Grandaddy splitting up and sad to see Eamon Hamilton leave British Sea Power. However, Eamo has quit solely to concentrate on his band Brakes, who were, as you all know a very welcome surprise for all of us in 2005, one of the few genuinely different, independent bands around we think. So good for them!




Have a very enjoyable February and don't buy any oversize valentine's cards...




TTFN Richard.