Incendiary News March 2006

What a month...

What a month! Incendiary have been as busy (to slightly mis-quote Uncle Monty) as bees. Firstly we have been at what feels like every bloody gig in Holland, going so far as to follow a band, our big chums Brakes around the Dutch countryside. Poor them...

Secondly we have been working assiduously behind the scenes to bring you new writers (one of whom is a very big gun indeed) and new incendiary toys, the most obvious of which is our myspace site. Go and use it as a forum, hang out place or general notice board to post whatever abuse you see fit. Go on... it won't hurt.

Here's the address in any case.

and for our (frankly silly) blogs

THirdly we are using the Brigt Sparks section as a deposit of great music we find on myspace.  There are some truly wonderful things out there. WE'll do our best to hunt them down. It might take us a while though..


Anyway, go and read the mag, as this months interviews are HOT HOT HOT! Where else would you get Adam Green talking about Geordie accents and the Delays talking about Benny Hill?

Only on Incendiary eh?

TTFN Richard