Incendiary News May 2005

Hello again!

Incendiary News, May 2005

Hello again! Things have been busy as ever here at Incendiary Towers (well the shed), we've seen Rufus Wainwright morph into a glam witch, we've got bladdered with Vic Du Monte Gruff Rhys and British Sea Power (yes, yes, we always do but, hell, life's short), and we stole the flower from behind Jens Lekman's ear. Oh, and Queens Day wasn't bad either. WE ALSO HAVE AN AMAZING SECRET which we can't tell you till next month. Suffice to say one of the greatest founding fathers of modern music will be speaking to you through us very very soon... 


We're going to get the FORUM up and running very soon, so please get up and have your say. Oh, check out the PROMOTIONS PAGE because we'll start offering things very soon, probably this month, as we've got lots of booty off artists that's just waiting for you... (tho' no nude vacuuming services, I afraid). If there's anything you would like to put up on that page, maybe you're in a band or organisation and want some publicity for an event, let us know.


See you at Bevrijdings festival in Haarlem 5th May?


Oh, anyone going to Pink pop? Wanna cover it? I'll buy you a pint....

Anyway, here are the details.


Bevrijdingspop Haarlem 5 May

Yep, Holland's celebrating liberation day, and what better way to do it but to get on down in the Haarlemerhoutpark in the company of Jon Spenser & the Blues Explosion and De La Soul? Unfortunately you've also got to put up with Di-rect and Beef and lots of free festival goers, but that's life I'm afraid. See you there.


Pink Pop, Laandgraaf, (or your telly) 14-16 May

Okay, I'm not going, and neither are you, but it's on the telly so we'll all watch with some light refreshments and the cat curled up on our knees. Here's the line up. Saturday; The Chemical Bros, Mindfold, Epica, Millencollin, Intwine, Rowen Heze. Sunday; Feeder, Beef, Heideroosjes, Molotov, The Frames, Within Temptation, The Prodigy. Monday; Kane, Golden Earring, Novastar, Beth Hart, Di-rect, Apocalyptica, Cake, Wir Sind Helden, The Polyphonic Spree, Thirteen Senses, Saybia, Gabriel Rios, Bloc Party, Faithless.



TTFN Richard.