Incendiary News; May 2006

Hello good people!

Incendiary News


Hello good people! How are you all? Well, we are whacked after putting together an action-packed number for your leisurely perusal; indeed, you may need to print this number out as too much staring at the swathes of words could give you serious eye ache. Yes, we have written a lot this month. Please read the Fiery Furnaces interview as it's a beezer, as is the Archie Bronson one. And as for Mozzer, well he needed a quick kick up the pants we thought. At least we did it entertainingly... This month has been a month of discovery on the LP front, I found myself bowled over about three times with releases from old or obscure artists. Check out releases by Sandy Dillon, Doll by Doll, Big Block 454 and the Inner City Sound compilation. I must admit I wouldn't normally have ever picked them up, but it just goes to show what happens if you are adventurous kids!

Hopefully next month we will have a couple of stunning interviews, PLUS our very first shelebrity Incendiary camping adventure, when we cruelly send two achingly hip & talented bands off into the wilds just to see how they get on.

Till then people!