Incendiary News November & December 2006

Hullo all!

Hullo all!


Well, you might have noticed that we've gone bi-monthly for a bit. This is due to the fact that the magazine will be receiving a lick of cyber paint over the coming months. We have some sorting out to do in the engine room (too many rusty cogs that don't turn I'm afraid) which takes a lot of time to sort out. Consequently we are taking more of a relaxed approach to issues, preferring to regularly update little and often. (Never forget that little and often is very good for your digestion).


By the way, it's interesting I have to couch my explanations in the language in the terms of a Victorian gentleman is it not?


Anyway, this month we have a rash of splendid and strange interviews for you, The MIGHTY Witch and the Robot, the WONDROUS Long Blondes, the FEISTY CSS, and the frankly strange Big Dwarf. Not content with that, we have live reviews of the Pipettes, ESP's first gig in Holland for 4 years, Deathline, Children Collide and lots of esoteric LP reviews, such as marvellous ones on Brakes, Leafcutter John and an exhausted one on Les Georges Leningrad.


And fuck me; we've even finished the Scott Walker back catalogue.


Truly, a miracle worthy of Isambard Kingdom Brunel...


Toodle pip! Richard