Where it all began

It all started with an email to some friends.


In the dark days before Incendiary first appeared I went to see Billy Bob Thornton in the Melkweg and then sent an email to some friends about it. Somehow or other that review ended up on the internet, over at Underwater Amsterdam.



From that email, all this Incendiary stuff did spring. I went to see some more gigs and wrote reviews for them, which again were put online over at Underwater Amsterdam. Jonathan Dekel read those reviews, sent me an email and, after a drunken conversation or two discussing the merits of the Flaming Lips, Incendiary was born.


Here's a link to those initial reviews. Although I've definitely written better stuff since those early reviews, there's a naive charm to them that I like. Back then I was just a fan writing about music. Nothing's changed.


Step (or rather Click) this way and delve into a big bag of goodies that contains articles on people like Aimee Mann, Badly Drawn Boy, The Breeders, Ian Brown, Mercury Rev, Neil Young, Manic Street Preachers and even Billy Bob Thornton. Try them, you might like them.