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The Ramblings of Mr Foster and Mr Leslie in their quest to share their passion of what music should be.

Download shedcast 17c  11-08-2013 (127.7 MB)

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shedcast 17c

  • Incendiary Magazine bring this shedcast to a close in fine, sober style for once. this may well be the most relaxing end to a shedcast ever. We'll have to make sure we do something about that next time. Anyway, enjoy the following:

    1. Young Fathers – Rumbling
    2. Fulton Lights – Don’t Let The Animals In
    3. Vox von Braun – Pitch Black Heart
    4. The Helio Sequence – Downward Spiral
    5. Nouveau Velo – Nostalgia
    6. Johnny Dowd – Emily/Meryl
    7. Repetitor – Šteta
    8. Cody – Disharmony
    9. Panther du Prince – Photon
    10. Boy – Little Numbers
    11. dbh – Daytime Climber
    12. Tom McRae – From the Lowlands

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Download shedcast 17a  11-08-2013 (119.14 MB)

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shedcast 17a

  • Incendiary’s editors  bought some new audio recording equipment and headed into the shed to record shedcast 17. The only thing was they didn’t bother trying to figure out how to use it properly beforehand. Either that, or there was a large washing machine rumbling in the background. We’ll let you decide which is which. Anyway, there’s a lot of humming going on in the background. We tried to get rid of it, using various features on our friendly neighbourhood audio editing software, but alas it sound worse than before, so we’ve left it in. You’ll get used to it. We hope.
    Anyway, the music is, as usual, worth your time. Well, most of it is. Shedcast 17a runs as follows:
    1.Leonard Nimoy – Music to Watch Space Girls By
    2.Pepe Deluxe – Child of Energy
    3.Brasstronaut – Francisco
    4.The Pure Conjecture – 1st time I saw U
    5.Private Eye – News by John Peel
    6.Seal of Quality – Tickle Tickle
    7.Sylvain Hellio –Funky Diving
    8.Unknown Mortal Orchestra – No Need for a Leader
    9.Allah-las – Busman’s Holiday
    10.Skazka Orchestra – Nikifor
    11.William Shatner – She Blinded Me With Science
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Download Fear and Loving in Heaton Park part 2  11-08-2013 (7.88 MB)

Duration: 8:36 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 128 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

Fear and Loving in Heaton Park part 2

  • Incendiary Magazine welcome uncle Stephen into the shed once again, this time to tell you the 2nd part of his voyage earlier this year to watch the Stone Roses in manchester. Part 3 should be along before too long - even by our standards - but don't hold out for part 1 just yet.

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