Slaraffenland - Sunshine EP

Slaraffenland - Sunshine EP


A mini LP, or an EP. Take your pick as to the format. Whatever, the 5 tracks that constitute this release are a joy; a bit folksy, a bit dreamy and full of wit and charm. And all this despite the band utilising that most twee of musical accompaniments, a quiet brass section…


Three tracks are self-penned, two are covers. Of the self-penned numbers, the opener I’m a Machine and The Trick are the best. There’s a sense of urgency and restlessness about the music, despite its eclectic, homespun air. It’s a tiny bit reminiscent of Akron/Family’s muse. All the while, the record is driven on by slightly manic chanting vocals, on occasions changing key.


The other tracks are covers of A-Ha’s Take on Me and Radiohead’s Paranoid Android. Whilst the A-Ha cover is charming enough, the take on Paranoid Android is a simply stunning reappraisal.


Check this out and get your plaid shirt on.


Words: Richard Foster