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Cornershop - Hold on It's Easy

There WERE good things that happened away from all that Britpop balls. And Cornershop were one of them.

Godspunk 14

If you'd get one Godspunk comp to get out of your box to, I'd get this one, it's perfect trippe material, C17th stylee. The soundtrack to digging up Silbury hill.

Noveller - Fantastic Planet

This is why Fantastic Planet is so good. You can sense that it means something to Sarah Lipstate.

Chasing Rainbows - Make Love Caravan

A classic mix of droopy sixties bedroom folk pop offcuts, stitched into a new comfort blanket; a record for staring out of windows.

Gut und Irmler - 500 M

As ever with the things that Gudrun Gut is involved with, this is a patient and very sexy record.

Richard's Record Review - Samhain Part 5

Will we be digging B S Johnson & the New Brutalists in sound next year? Or the history of Enfield Cricket Club, or Iceland Frozen Foods?

Richard’s Record Round Up - Samhain 2014 Part 4

A few years back a friend hipped me to this website about watching ships on the English Channel.

Anjou - Anjou

Anjou have made a record that is incredibly evocative of place, any place you want to imagine, maybe an inner space; and one that can change according to your frame of mind.

Richard’s Record Round Up - Samhain 2014 Part 3

There’s even a song called Mustache In Your Face. Jesu H. But my all-time fave is Jaded’s The King Was. Far fucking out, that ditty. What is it all about?

Richard’s Record Round Up - Samhain 2014 Part 2

For the most part the tracks are spellbinding mixes of 60s/70s spiritualism, 70s prog (specifically the enticing organ/synth bits on Gong or Hillage solo LPs before the guitar battles and zany lyrics kick in) and the ambient minimalism let loose by Riley or Eno.

Richard’s Record Round Up - Samhain 2014 Part 1

There’s even something in It’s Time to Be Clear that reminds me of Terry Jacks’ Seasons in the Sun. Enough for you to know. Who reads Bonnie Prince Billy reviews anyway?

Future 3 - With and Without

This LP is really, really good. It's managed to traverse the chasm of weak, insipid, lukewarm sonic piss that lots of modern electronic pop slide into.

Michał Jacaszek & Kwartludium - Catalogue des Arbres

Despite it being deserving of reams of text as to its making, you can just enjoy the utter sensuousness of Catalogue des Arbres.

Vashti Bunyan – Heartleap can pay attention and examine the miniscule joins and progressions in these songs or you can allow the whole thing to flow around you like some beautiful mist.

Morton Valence - Left

Hacker’s still ploughing that punk-country furrow, dipping into a fluorescent, seagull-proof binbag of influences (CSNY, Doctors of Madness, Kinks, Velvet Underground) and showing off what he pulls out to an audience in the pub.

She Keeps Bees – Eight Houses

Eight Houses, the new LP from She Keeps Bees (aka Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant is a rough, bruising record with considerable kicks.

Last Ex - Last Ex

...surely the results of a vacuum sealed experiment whereby drops of Roy Budd’s menace and Studio G’s weird electro fugginess have been left (under lab conditions, of course) to mutate into new forms of sonic matter.

Half Japanese - Overjoyed

You see, the message this new Half Japanese record, Overjoyed, (the first in many a moon) is giving out, and the way Fair approaches the subject matter in of all his songs, is positive.

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan - Uzu

Well, this record is immense. Immense, stupid, funny, baffling, annoying; the lot. I can't begin to describe it, outside of the fact it's a TRIP.

White Hex - Gold Nights

But most noticably, the music has this overwhelmingly soporific quality; listening in can get you in the state of some lounger in the Korova Milk Bar; on your back, in a stupor and unable to react to this insistent smothering.

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