Album reviews

Weepikes - We are Weepikes

What is especially galling is that despite being just over 30 minutes in duration, nearly half is remixes.

Trick Mammoth - Floristry

Floristry does not break any new ground, and it lacks a bit of variety and emotional depth, but Trick Mammoth are very young, barely out of their teens, and, bearing this in mind, this is an exceptional debut.

Dum Dum Girls – Too True

Things are stripped down, the bedsit Ganja-fug that often enveloped previous efforts  has cleared up and we get to hear her tales of loss and heartbreak in the round.

Godspunk Volume 13

Every compilation seems to throw up a new verbal construct; this time we have The Ritualistic Mating Dance of the West Highland White Terrier and the Fluorescent Floating Human Eyeball (Eggnog Variant #4). And it sounds like?

Stephen Malkmus – Wig Out At Jagbags

Be warned! This LP – like a lot of his solo LPs it seems -has a sinister ability to smooch along in the background, without you ever really engaging with it.

Hobocombo – Moondog Mask

Hobocombo have used the ethos of Moondog for their own compositions. What we have then is a mixture of Moondog and new work and the result is an intriguing one.

Elephant Stone - Elephant Stone

far too polite for its own good

Aloe Blacc - Lift Your Spirit

A crushing disappointment.

Koett - Golden Peak

Boy, does Koett know how to almost piss me off, only to quickly redeem himself with the turn of a beat or phrase.

Twink – The Toy Piano Band - Miniatures Volume 1

It’s a sort of Academy of Moondog kindergarten sound happening right in front of your very eyes…

Mai Mai Mai – Theta

Almost quaint examples of space travel, a pop Cluster working for the DDR, times past squinted at through a refracted prism...

Rion – Fireflies

Fireflies is something out of time; and something quietly special in an overcrowded and often over exposed field.

The Wharves and The Rosy Crucifixion - Split Vinyl LP

There’s no real time for you the listener to sit comfortably as it’s a full on Trippe from the opening notes.

Trips and Falls - The Inevitable Consequences of Your Stupid Behaviour

THIS record is psychedelic. It’s completely lost in a sort of speed freak Tim Buckley stream-of-consciousness way.

Gonga - Concrescence

At times Concrescence comes across as  a sort of extremely heavy Fairport; albeit with someone giving Dave Swarbrick a double headed axe to play with.

Esmerine - Dalmak

Just remember this record isn't looking to pass an exam. And you're not meant to mark it ;0 .

Various - New German Ethnic Music

Stick in there, when you finally get a handle on the whole it can be an ever giving listen.

Ital Tek - Control

This music is futuristic in feel; almost old fashioned in its total modernism. There's nothing here - in spirit at least - that harks back to, or references anything.

Cymbals - The Age of Fracture

This LP does what Étienne de Crécy's music did in the late '90s, openly identify and celebrate the here and now; or what New Order used to do, sugar coat the grimy, unpalatable stuff, with a bit of dry humour.

Hospitality - Trouble

So, good, intelligent, fun pop with some startling highlights, mostly in the first half. Worth a listen? Oh for sure, for sure.

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