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Seal of Quality – Fate Patterns

You could wonder how you are supposed to react to music as restless as Tickle Tickle and Cities Unfold, as it’s an ever moving myriad of attitudes and perspectives.

Helado Negro – Invisible Life

So, we can safely predict a release that will work well in the company of a glass of red wine on a terrace, whilst idly turning the pages of the Sunday papers.

Colin Stetson – New History Warfare Vol 3: To See More Light

I suppose my essential message here is that the record is superb. It’s exhausting for sure, and I found I had to approach it incrementally, taking bits at a time.

Bernays Propoganda - Zabraneta Planeta

So, in summary it’s attractive, tough, and uncompromising music. Well worth a spin. I suspect they are dynamite live.

Dur-Dur Band – Volume 5

This record is a superb listen all round, it must be said. Of course the sardonic side of me can’t help a scintilla of sharp comment slipping through at this current trend for digging up and consuming old half-forgotten sounds from other continents.

Godspunk Volume 12

I’m guessing that Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld must have been a big hit on the Fylde coast. When Howl in the Typewriter start joining in with tracks like Derek’s Briefcase, you begin to note that this is the most psychedelic, most cinematic of Godspunks yet.

Retribution Gospel Choir – 3

Like some boat gently idling down a river, there’s change and movement for sure, but you won’t notice anything whilst you’re experiencing the trip. And damned fine it is too.

Wire - Change Becomes Us

So it’s all a matter of time, and the true mysteries of a work or an idea often reveal themselves a lot later than we think.

Zed Penguin/Magic Eye/Plastic Animals/Le Thug - Song, by Toad split 12"

If you like any of these the next step is probably to buy some beer. For the remaining songs from the sessions for this record are being released as a download code on a 4-pack of limited run microbrews. Mmm, beer. By Toad.

British Sea Power - Machineries of Joy’s a band that have probably – after a good decade of high quality and often magical work, produced their best record yet.

Matmos - The Marriage of True Minds

The Marriage of True Minds is not, I think, their best album but it is several leagues higher than...well, I would say opposition, but I'm not sure that there is anyone quite like Matmos

The Aprons – Sound Stain

In fact their gift for simple and effective melody is nigh on ridiculous;  why music like this isn’t clogging up radio is a mystery until you consider their music’s essential DNA which is a bit weird, a bit unsettling.

Dead C / Ranga -Dead C / Ranga

A great release, not for the faint hearted for sure, but plenty to enjoy if you love your free rock.

John:316 - Visions of The Hereafter - Visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

It’s a powerful and organic brand of post rock that knows one pace. In fact, Visions of The Hereafter actually shows its immense strength through restraint.

Mr Heart - The Unspeakable Mr Heart

The changes of speed are, in a way, symptomatic of the fact that the music just can’t sit still; and this restlessness is in everything, the lyrics, the way the sound switches from track to track, the way vocals are presented…

Úlfur – White Mountain

White Mountain turned out to be a quiet revelation. It is an unprepossessing listen, it certainly doesn’t look to impress: but because of that it’s also very tactile and subtle music; and beautifully weighted to boot.

Phosphorescent – Muchacho

Now, normally I run a mile from too much comfy feel good music, but Phosphorescent is something different. For one, Matthew Houck can play the “feelings” card better than most.

Aedi - Ha Ta Ka Pa

Whatever else Alexander Hacke might have done in producing the record, stopping the band and saying “No, I think that’s a bit much” doesn’t appear to have been part of it. And as is pretty much always the case, that’s all to the good.

L Pierre - The Island Come True

Like that beautiful weirdness with Kim Jong Il & the transgender centre half, things suggest themselves to you and stick about in your mind. And this LP is a portal for stuff like this, if you let it be.

My Bloody Valentine - m.b.v.

A couple of months ago in Glasgow I had the best paneer tikka I've ever eaten, but was it really better than the paneer tikka I eat all too regularly from the place five minutes from my flat?

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