Incendiary sit down for one last time with Tom McRae

Tour. Be as good as you can, night after night. Try your hardest. Work hard at it. Honour the fact that people are paying to come and see you. <--break- />

Human Billboards, Confusion, Hail: An Interview with Austin Collings

Sometimes, I’m not quite sure what the pages are in 'Myth...' They could be short stories, fractured fairytales, parables, visions or unnerving news reports or warped monologues or published scratch marks on school desks.

Incendiary listen to music with Rats on Rafts

I don't think that a lot of people will understand what we've done, but you know what, this is a record that will survive, long after all the other stuff around has been forgotten. I am convinced of that.

Incendiary interview Viet Cong

"I can go and buy a banana all year round in the winter. I mean what the fuck is all that about? French royalty in the eighteenth century couldn't get bananas as regularly as me!

Incendiary hang out with Dan Deacon

I knew immediately that I didn't want to be one of those artists who just show the back of their laptop to the audience. I never wanna do that.

Incendiary chow down with John Robb

“When you start to age now, you begin to think you're lucky.”

Incendiary interview Samy Ben Redjeb of the Analog Africa label

Cuban music is… You have God and directly below is Cuban music. For everybody who really is in the music scene, Cuban music is sacred. But African music is not far below it.

Incendiary interview Drvg Cvltvre

Also, it depends on what music has been playing in the office. If someone has been playing singer songwriters all day, there will be distorted kicks and heavy bass lines.

Incendiary interview Eton Crop

As a teenager, John Peel was my lifeline to England and to new music. Everyday I listened to his show. So we were very honoured when we could do our first session. And that we were invited to do 5 in total.

Incendiary interview DNMF

A sensual side? Man, I was thinking of Conan The Barbarian during the whole writing/recording process…

Incendiary interview Noveller

While the origin of the music is certainly pitched at myself, once it grows into something that exists as a recording and I'm performing it live in front of an audience I definitely feel like it has transformed.

Incendiary chew the cud with Ajay Saggar of King Champion Sounds know what; every time I walk into the stadium and I walk up the steps and I hear the crowd, and see the first blades of grass, my heart's just like... arrrgh!  And the same is like walking into a gig. I'm so fucking psyched! Because you get energy from it, you can't pay for that it's your lifeblood.

Incendiary Interview Adrian Younge - "I WANT to be pigeonholed."

The bullet just missed Domino, but he had gunpowder burning his eyes, so he thought he was a dead man. The Souls thought so too:  this dude was trying to kill off all the Souls Of Mischief!

Incendiary eat scones – again – with Henk Koorn of Hallo Venray

And this record, it was very… tense, very… because I didn’t wanna give it away.

Incendiary interview Faris Badwan of The Horrors

I had a stop talking card I used to give to people. That usually elicited a certain response!

Incendiary get serious with EMA

I wanted to put out this certain like grotesqueness that I feel is missing from a feminine representation in music or film.

Incendiary interview Greg Dulli of The Afghan Whigs

Once the decision was made to do it. You have to be fearless. You can’t go into it like a pussy.

Incendiary have a long chat with Hauschka

You can find on every record on mine a kind of Buddhist blessing, where I say I have given people this music to use it to maybe reach happiness, to use it in the way they want to use it.

Incendiary talk to The Sweet Release of Death

There’s a reason we’re not called The Blissful Joy of Living. Maybe it’s not as blunt now that the songs are changing and there’s a little more room to breathe.

Incendiary talk to I Am Oak

To me natural imagery can be very rich, it has a lot of symbolical value, it works well to draw parallels between natural phenomena and feelings or moods or human nature in general.

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