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John Doran - Jolly Lad

For me, and without in any way wishing to sidestep these narrative cornerstones, the charm of Jolly Lad (and for all the heavy stuff, it is a book filled with charm and that particular South Lancs/Scouse whimsy) is in its telling. It's tricksy.

Music for Drifters : Field Music at the Tyneside Cinema

From the opening scenes, it’s clear that Field Music know how to mesh the scenes in the film with appropriate music.

An Alternative Eurovision Odyssey - Part 4 Controversy, what controversy

Assad makes Stavros sound like Sewell and would be pilloried. A punk standard with incomprehensible lyrics would disguise this flaw, as well as his inability to sing: demonstrated by his karaoke performance of Don’t Stop Believin’ at Mugabe’s ninetieth.

An Alternative Eurovision Odyssey - Part 3 Tales of the Expected

Textured white-linen envelope, hand-written address and was that a whiff of fondue and Nazi gold? The provenance was evident, especially considering the wax seal embossed with the hallowed crest of the European Broadcasting Company. The long wait was over.

An Alternative Eurovision Odyssey Part 2 - When a Man Loves a Woman

Things are looking dire for Baz, and if he wants to avoid a future slurping Super Noodles in a damp Damascus bedsit whilst working on his right arm, he needs big bucks fast, which means a new job.

An Alternative Eurovision Odyssey - Part 1 - A Femme Fatale

We asked ironclad foe of Eurovision Stephen James to talk about, well, Eurovision. This is what we got; Gonzo fiction from a parallel universe. The drugs are strong on Tyneside....

Von Tesla - Raised by Clear Acid

Shit this is a classic (non) listen, a pulsating “neverworld”, the womb of some crazy fucked up sky goddess who’s got kicked out of whatever astral plane she was residing on because she played her Borngräber & Strüver records too bloody loud…

Mamuthones - More Alien than Aliens

Play More Alien than Aliens once and you’ll think I’m stark raving nuts and a massive lying bastard to boot. Play More Alien than Aliens more than three times, you’ll be out there.

Rob St John / Tommy Perman - Water of Life

As ever with Rob St John’s work, there’s an incredible amount of incidental detail that eventually (if you let matters slowly gestate) seeps into enriching the whole.

Notes from the Fireside - Summer Puddings - August 2013

This is angry and aggressive, but if I lived in Belgium I’d probably produce music like this just to convince the rest of Europe that we’re not all bureaucrats.

PAS Musique - Abandoned Bird Egg and Kine - Meditations in April Green

Both these records are uncompromising, but neither revel in obscurity: and PAS Musique’s brilliant Abandoned Bird Egg is one record you really have to listen to.

Johnny 5th Wheel & the Cowards - Diary of a Liar b/w Pure Imagination

Anyone (well, let’s be honest) everyone seems to knock out singles these days and sometimes it’s not really clear why. But Johnny 5th Wheel does it the right way.

Rob St John - Charcoal Black and the Bonny Grey b/w Shallow Brown

This is the way modern folk seems to be; on the move interweaving different traditions, not linked to one place or rigidly labelled as appropriate for a certain bunch of people.

Father Murphy - Anyway Your Children Will Deny It - Remix series

The result of inviting 10 contemporaries to build soundscapes out of their raw material is no more immediately accessible but full of chinstroking avant garde electronic gems.

Plant Duw – LLIWIAU

As ever with Plant Duw, melodies are strong and often take the lead role in dictating the track’s direction; and there are opalescent moments throughout...

Dracula Lewis – Permafrost

The raw numbness, the machinelike quality at the core of this music should not be underestimated. It’s almost abrasive in its nothingness.

Mueran Humanos - El Circulo / La Langosta

They are superb actors, as a listener you are sucked into their world completely, there’s no looking for approval either, and with El Circulo / La Langosta we get another stunning display of bravura.

Andy Kershaw – No Off Switch

This is the autobiography of someone who seriously knows his onions musically: someone who I can credit with giving me something to dream about and think about, someone who planted some of the canes to wrap the tendrils of my very nascent social and cultural persona around.

Riverside - Newcastle’s Legendary Alternative Music Venue

Still, despite the book’s disarming nature, the list of memories are incredible: blazing and funny descriptions of Mudhoney’s and Nirvana’s first UK gigs, the debunking of the Oasis fight incident, and wide-eyed recollections of the Pixies and Throwing Muses double header…

Richard King - How Soon Is Now?

On reading this one is reminded of the essential vanity of the music business, its inability to balance hope and reality, the way that the alien nature of how money works clashes with the utopianism that doing things on impulse (such as releasing challenging records) releases.

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