Back Catalogue

Talking Heads Back Catalogue- Part the First

And there we have it – the years 77 – 82. These were the most fertile years in the Talking Heads story and they are the ones that stand up to most scrutiny.

The Back Catalogue of Edwyn Collins & Orange Juice

There's a case to be made that the whole ‘indie' movement (for good or bad) was born with these recordings.

The Back Catalogue of the Manic Street Preachers

“It's not that I can't find worth in anything. It's just that I can't find worth in enough.”

The Back Catalogue of Neil Young : Part Three

The tales of a happy old Man.

The Back Catalogue of Neil Young : Part One

"Print this out and take it on a train journey or something; the journey is a long one, but it'll be worth the ride."

The Back Catalogue of Neil Young : Part Two

Where things start to go a little strange.

The Back Catalogue of Echo and the Bunnymen

I have to be careful here as I could end up sounding like a librarian, or an obsessive (which I am).

The Back Catalogue of the Beach Boys (and Brian Wilson)

Catch a wave, folks, surf's up.


The Back Catalogue of Bob Dylan

If you're wanting to build up a quality music collection, then there's no two ways about it – you need some Dylan.  The problem is, where do you start? Well we're going to tell you.

The Back Catalogue of The Cocteau Twins

I remember arguing the toss over this album with some guy who felt so betrayed by the fact that you could hear the actual lyrics. Pompous git!

The Back Catalogue of Guided By Voices

God knows how many side shows GBV members are in; I've got only two CD, Tobin Sprout's Moonflower Plastic, and Doug Gillard's 2006 solo LP Salamander (which are of course, great)...

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