Fall from Grace

Queens of the Stone Age - S/T

Putting the Homme in homage......

Why The Smashing Pumpkins are now fuckin' AWFUL

What is Billy's obsession with having a fit bird on bass? As for the bloke – he might as well be my dad.

For Pete's Sake…

Babyshambles were voted the worst act of this summer's festival season, which was no mean feat – I saw Primal Scream at Glastonbury with my own eyes.

Top of The Pops

I, like many others saw the full extent of this tax-payer scorn when my father was (unexpectedly) confronted with Boy George in all his glory.  “What's that? Is it a lad or a girl? You surely don't like that, do you?” No, of course I didn't but I couldn't agree with him, now could I?

Incidental Music and Additional Effects in BBC Television Programmes

That programme with Bill Oddie and Davina McCall is on, you know, the one about extreme sex in the animal kingdom. It's starting now

Fall from Grace - Primal Scream

Maybe I'm missing the point?

Music Magazines

A few weeks ago an ex-NME journalist wrote a big piece in a national paper ...she displayed a complete lack of knowledge or interest in music. She had never heard of (for instance) Krautrock. It's a bit like a film journalist holding a hand up after ten years in the job and saying, ‘bugger me, have you watched anything by Kurosawa? Is he good?'

Queen - Ga Ga?

Don't ever call Queen pretentious or I'll have a stand-up argument in the street with you

Being Clever

These are the idiots who will praise the Fall for being Important, without ever troubling to listen to them, or the idiots who persistently buy glossy magazines, or the IDIOTS who like Tapas

Damned Charity Records

You could have little radio campaigns with jingles running along the lines of “ A pound a day keeps Busted at bay”, (actually, sorry about that, it was just a personal fantasy)..

McCartney Ruins Everything

Wings for the rest of your life. No escape. Just when you thought it was safe you'll hear a Wings song

Fall From Grace - Simple Minds

Anyway, I suppose this homily leads us as to why they slipped down the Steve Lilywhite breast beating path. And our answer (apparently) leads to the door of Bono.

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