Why Aren't You Listening?

Fuck Buttons - Slow Focus

Pinkunoizu - The Drop

It’s a great mix of demented and whacked out; albeit a sort of demented that catches you unawares – like the Devil in The Master & Margarita, it’s too suave to show all its tricks at once.

Justin Walter – Lullabies and Nightmares

Suffice to say I think this release is tops, the gloopy, gluey sound is mired in a sort of ambient analogue fug, furring up the sonic arteries with a glut of wibbling synths and something called an Electronic Valve Instrument.

Anna Von Hausswolff - Ceremony

This is Sturm und Drang writ large, Hausswolff preening herself like a harpy high above the metallic clashes and stentorian parps and blurts. It’s fucking brilliant and no I really don’t fancy meeting her.

Notes from the Fireside - June 2013 Edition

If this sort of insipid electro pop experiences a resurgence I’m doing a MacKenzie. I hope that your editor will look after my whippets.

Jumble Hole Clough - Two Days in April

agnès pe – morti fire and cagey house – rocks and feathers

There are a lot of seemingly unconnected sounds here but they do all combine effectively to make a remarkable set of electronic dreamscapes...

The Revival Hour – Scorpio Little Devil

Be patient, and you should be rewarded. But it’s not a record that is going to give up its best moments lightly.

The Pheromoans - Does This Guy Stack Up?

I wonder if this is the sort of record that is looking to stir up some obscure but bug-eyed revolution: taking over a carpet warehouse or something. The songs could be hymns for a cult.

Tussle - Tempest

Other tracks follow this loose, dubby pattern. Moondog rouses itself to shake some action in a variety of half-arsed styles, but only after it’s had a pizza and a little snooze.

Cairo Liberation Front presents Electro Cha3bi

Joost - the selecter and Yannick - the dj, (‘Jamaica style’) have put together a turbulent mix, the sort of thing that veers giddily between utter brilliance and total (to our ears) corporate high-gloss naff.

Notes from the Fireside

Ever imagined what it would have sounded like if Violet Elizabeth Bott and William Brown had formed a high-energy, pop-rock band after indulging their shared passion for Nazi crank? Well cogitate no more.

The Pure Conjecture - Courgettes

It’s a cozy, inviting, entertaining, pleasant, fun, pretty, nice listen and many more things besides. It’s canny.

Cemeteries – The Wilderness

It’s the sort of sound that Julie Cruise or the Blue Nile had, the sort that John Maus appropriated, a sort of Gothic bedroom synth pop

?Alos – Yomi, L’Oscura Terra Dei Morti

...there’s an element that sounds fresh and original, despite the fact that serious types indulging in recording industrial noises and whipping guitar samples within an inch of their life are a pound to a penny these days.

When Icarus Falls – Aegean

...a welter of guitars pianos, lung bursting growls and chord changes that turn slower than the Queen Mary, all happening in over ten minutes, no holds barred...

A Mid-Winter Listen

Three releases that - despite their differences in make-up, execution and background – all share a certain sombre and seasonal mood. Perfect for a winter’s listen, dark and Gothic, like a Gustave Doré print

The Yawns – The Yawns

the band’s sound is essentially lackadaisical, it’s their “thing”, their core… and as long as you can live with that, you will find that the tracks are charming enough in their own way.

Rella The Woodcutter – I Know When It’s Time To Get The Fuck Away

Look at the titles, it should give you a hint of what’s going on: Are You Expired?, Coward, Bodies, Wrong Affection. You almost expect a hidden extra track called Body Bag, or something.

Cutthroat Convention - Gunfight@the Gates

So there you have it: a rush of noise if ever there was one. This one minute attack the band has perfected is pretty tremendous, there is a plan in all of this, despite the idea that this record is of the moment.

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