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Requiem for SUB071

Someone should make a plaque when they stick the shiny new building up. ‘You probably don't know it, but this is where "greatest rock and roll bike shed in the world" was.’

Todd Tobias - Tristes Tropiques

Tobias's LP is a magnificent follow up to his Impossible Cities 1 & 2, somehow going much further than those to records, and having more of a spacey, Eno-esque feel to it.

Niek Hilkmann - Knak

But for such an approachable, affable chap, Hilkmann's music is a mystery wrapped up in an enigma wrapped up in a Hema gift-wrap.

Focus on Barreuh Records

Barreuh don't promise an easy ride but, when experienced as a whole, and over time, their catalogue is certainly something that allows a (Dutch) reappraisal on avant-garde electronic music.

Labasheeda - Changing Lights

This new one sounds like a tougher, more raw-edged record than earlier efforts; and one that seems to want to explore their grungier side.

De Kliko's - De Kliko's

But in these days where the hippest of the hip flock to see Ethiopian dance bands or Ghanaian kologo, surely there's nothing wrong with taking in a bit of Dutch beat?

Kreng - The Summoner

One thing to note is that it can be a fucking quiet record; lots of passages of sound are quite content in sitting in the background.

zZz - Juggernaut

On this record zZz click and it's revelatory. Somehow this release feels different; it's guided by a more human, less theatrical star.

Rats on Rafts - Tape Hiss

Rats on Rafts are not trying to make friends, instead they’ve done the thing you always WANT a band to do and that’s do their own thing.

Dead Neanderthals - Endless Voids

It thunders and groans around the stratosphere like a lost, pissed up Jotun looking for the last bus to Blackpool.

The Last Waltz Tour 6-12/2/15

You know what the FUCKING WORST thing in the world is? Playing a gig, packing up at 2 am and then driving back the length of the country.

Afterpartees - Glitter Lizard

I'll guess wildly and think that they've gone into the studio and felt a bit of pressure, and not really gone further than presenting a cleaned up version of their live shows

Space Siren - Songs for a Dead Pilot

The sucker punch, Song For a Dead Pilot, is a feral and often primal bash which sounds like Roxy Music's Do The Strand thrown into a tumble drier.

Mannheim – Super Empowered

Super Empowered is not a procession of monolithic blarings.

Howl Ensemble - Prooi

I’ve seen Howl Ensemble play and as musicians they look nothing like the sort of band you’d think (after listening to this) they should look like; coming over as a bunch of Heavy Metal escapees.

Incendiary hang out with Yuko Yuko and The Homesick

That is a bit of a Dokkum thing funnily enough, because we want to play with our friends rather than have a band with other people; you know, just to 'be in a band'.

Sven Agaath - Simple Field Calculator

...listening to King of Heart Attacks and Senseless Trips, you suspect the big joke Sven Agaath plays on us is to make us listen to a messy, bedroom take on Richie Blackmore or Kiss.

The Homesick - Twst yr Wrsts

This is a brilliant pop release, driven by boredom, daydreams, living in a cut n paste Dutch town, and enlivened by a sort of home-brewed sound that is inspiringly, bullishly, tinny and processed.

André de Saint-Obin - Sound On Sound

But otherwise Sound on Sound  sounds as current as something by the Wanda Group or Lee Noble.

King Champion Sounds - Songs For the Golden Hour

These new King Champion Sounds tracks DO feel like night time drives round grimy urban centres, and in that are far more wide ranging and multifacetted in scope and ambition than the ones on their breezy debut LP.

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