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Hydrus – Nodes

“yeah, I got this dodgy timer, see, it keeps going off and creating all these polyrhythmic sub rnb structures, know anyone who can fix it mate?” Nah, soz....

Droppings – Dangling

In fact the idea that this release is, ahem, “DaDaesque” is never too far away; as there’s always an element of theatre and well, plain silliness infusing a lot of the music.

Udarnik - Mommy Shoots A Reindeer

They don’t use much of the scale do Udarnik, but then that’s their strength; somehow there is not an ounce of fat on this LP, and it’s somehow a classic underground release.

Weerthof - Out Of Control

It’s also far too short as a listen to get irritated by it, and like an early morning cuppa it brings you round, gives you a bit of focus and, weirdly enough hope. Hope. Now there’s a pretentious thought…

King Champion Sounds - Different Drummer

There’s this spaceyness to this record that’s up there with the best stuff Maximum Joy or Pop Group did; that loose, whirligig sound on Free-Dum Trail or Orbit Macht Frei are cases in point...

Banabila and Machinefabriek – Travelog

This record has a quality of something special, of something indefinably GOOD about it; in fact so good I think I can get away with calling it brilliant. One thing’s for certain, I can’t get enough of it at the moment.

AC Berkheimer - Beyond The Equation of State

It’s certainly their best balanced record too, so smooth that it engages your subconscious a LONG time before the rest of your brain catches up. I bet you that you only notice it’s actually on when Kissing The Surface starts.

Plus Instruments – Trancesonics

This is a marvellous LP; one which employs a mix of mad sounds and considerable know how. Not to mention bags of charm. At times it’s a weird pop master class.

Hunter Complex – Heat

Maybe Hunter Complex are serial sentimentalists. A lot of the tracks do have a marked sentimental edge, like Serious Glass or the brilliant Space, which nabs Seeing Out the Angel’s key pattern from the Minds’ Sons & Fascination.

Those Foreign Kids - Zero Gravity Somersaulting Craze

It’s easy to make really, really boring records using this screaming, thrashy style. Or, ones that quickly lose their initial charm. I think this isn’t and won’t.

Creative City Project – Hands On Universe

Even the act’s name, Creative City Project, does reek of hooking your laptop up in a coffee bar, or buying a tuna wrap and moseying down to the skateboard park.

KIN- Soon EP

<--break- />So, it seems KIN have tea cups, a washing machine and a pile of newspapers, among other things, to thank.

No Nonsense - Dubstep in Rotterdam

A while ago I heard someone say: “Rotterdam is the Dutch dubstep capital.” And I would have to confirm that.

The Treasure of Grundo – Dýsantzú

It is a very accessible record mind, as I’ve hinted at before there’s nothing really arsty or difficult here, rather the sensibility is that of a weird kind of pop.

Yoshimi – Bottelaars en Beesten

The Rommelmarkt feel that Bottelaars en Beesten has is given weight by the fact that this LP is a compilation of tracks that somehow have fallen by the wayside or have been overlooked for other releases.

The Ex and Brass Unbound – Enormous Door

There are two truly great things about this release: one is the spacey quality of the music. The other is its incredible patience. This is a powerful, slow moving beast, not looking to push you around.

Andy Moor and Anne-James Chaton – Transfer

To say that it’s interesting and often inspiring is a bit of an understatement: it’s not an easy listen but it’s a hypnotic one and one that you can easily get into the habit of listening to, especially if you need something a bit offbeat to tune into.

Spilt Milk – Funeral Blues

So there’s an ephemeral, delicate feel to this new record, Marc having imperceptibly shifted their sound folk-wards and looking to bring a more melancholy note to proceedings, utilising Brenda’s incredibly expressive voice in the mid-range.

Monokino – Fake Virtue

I’ll stand by an old observation I made of them, that they are a loner’s band and as such best enjoyed in the confines of your bedroom.

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