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Minny Pops - Live at the Melkweg, 19-03-1981

That’s what we are all asked to do in this modern world: plug in, leave a message, and turn off. Minny Pops just sound-tracked and defined this feeling before most others did.

Spilt Milk – Spilt Milk and Another View

It’s unbelievable that a crabby old listener like me can fall for this sugar-coated dream stuff: but I do.

Henk and Melle – Roodnoot

There are lots of squeaks, creaks, groans and taps which allow the listener to conjure up an image of a dirty room in a backwoods, battered, wind lashed part of Twente or Friesland.

Rats On Rafts - The Moon Is Big

Ah, The Moon is Big.  These nine songs of grandeur and crackpot simplicity - by turns insidiously familiar yet frustratingly remote - are weighed down by their spiritual forefathers.

Sleeping Dog – With Our Heads in the Clouds and Our Hearts in the Fields

the angst in the record feels real, and thank fuck, we don’t have any of that “softly, softly look at me with my clever instruments while I play a lullaby” nonsense that seems to have overwhelmed this genre recently.

S As In Assassins – S/T

I kept thinking of an emo Dexys Midnight Runners when I first heard S As In Assassins

Anti G – Presents Kentje’sz Beatsz

The whole LP is an exercise in pushing a limited set of sounds through a number of hoops, and with that in mind, it maintains its vibe brilliantly.

New YX – Slow Boy

...this band could if they so wished make something really powerful and interesting, no doubt

Kreng – Grimoire

You do feel you are walking the fog-laden streets, going to a meeting of The Golden Dawn or some such…

Salt Licked – S/T

A synth-led duo from Perth Australia living and recording in Leiden, Holland. Beat that.

Too Tangled – The Magic Got Killed

It’s an okay pop record by an act that could probably do a lot more if they tried stopping to please & used less phraseology.

Roy Santiago – The Great Pretender

I’m guessing that his dad likes Jonathan Richman and lots of stuff like Joe Jackson or Beach Boys: in essence sunny and honest, open-hearted pop.

Gone Bald – Waiting it Out

Loden – Buggy

AC Berkheimer – We Tell Them Tonight

Black Tarantula – S/T

Ernst Jansz - Dromen Van Johanna

Yen Harley - The Substance Of Things

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