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The Spilt Milk & Brenda – S/T

Lushus - Barefoot

Boston Tea Party – Little Trouble Kids

Zea - The Beginner

This is what happens when you give a troubled youth recording equipment.

Space Siren – S/T

singer Gwendolyn gives off a scarily assured air, akin to a Victorian governess scolding her charges.

Birth of Joy – S/T

regardless of the styling, the energy and spirit bursting through this record is really something to hear.

Kanipchen-Fit – Multibenefit

Multibenefit is a throwback to the sort of attitudes and concerns that irrigated the alternative scene in the early to mid ‘80’s

The Humans - s/t

Sadly the whole thing’s over in about 15 minutes… but check them out nonetheless.

Spoelstra – The Almighty Internet

Spoelstra’s debut LP is a marvellous thing, if only for its utter refusal to do anything it doesn’t want.

Katadreuffe – Quel Gargantua!

It’s a long time I heard any band so wound up and truculent, to be honest.

Isbells – S/T

An undemanding listen if you are undemanding, and sympathetic presence if you are looking for something more.

Sukilove - Static Moves

They are Belgian, therefore very prone to introspection – you just knew there’d be a song called Fear...

Majestic Scene - Swinging in a Perfect Pose

Laments are this band’s priority. There is a lot of Nick Cave at times (Misery and the title track owe a lot to Murder Ballads), but if handled well, that is always a good thing.

And the Bloody Hand - Yankee Merzbild

The LP is a reflective series of soundscapes dealing with composer Melvin Wevers’ trip to the USA in 2006 and not surprisingly has the feeling of a documentary soundtrack to it.

My Vanity Project - A Father A Son and an Idiot

Despite the jocular inner sleeve artwork, and the odd moment of noodling around with the odd minor chord, there’s something very alien and angry about this LP.

Believo! - Radical Myths

 A highly enjoyable slab of screaming (well, high pitched) thrash pop, this record.

Monokino – Human Error

On Boring Combination the classic line is uttered: “Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll/It’s the most boring thing in the world/And I’m here to ruin your night…” Ooofph.

Pony Pack – Claws and Fists

Clash, bang, clatter, clatter.

Roosbeef – Ze Willen Wel Je Hond Aaien Maar Niet Met Je Praten

If your train is late and you’re listening to this you’ll feel like it’s the end of the world.

DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess Meets Her Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Labor

Heck, take it from a lazy cliche-spewing hack, for even a half-decent scope-out of today's indie music scene you pretty much need this.

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