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A farewell from Incendiary magazine 2002-2015

A farewell from Incendiary magazine: 2002-2015.

De Kliko's New Video - Lere Jekkie out now

De Kliko's release new video - Lere Jekkie

A Letter to Corno Zwetsloot

You were always busy building things or making things, out of sound, making beer for your hobby, or fixing that bloody mixing desk!

Attila the Stockbroker Patrik Fitzgerald Stinksisters Den Haag Rotterdam 14-15/2/13

Blank Generation presents: Patrik Fitzgerald (UK) & Attila the Stockbroker (UK) Den Haag and Rotterdam. Apparently Blank Generation is a "brand new platform for subversive culture" and they seem to be takling this pretty seriously, down to the last detail.

Uncle Stephen's Christmas Hamper

Unnervingly one of Joe Orton’s holiday snaps adorns the cover, but after diving into the album’s beguiling waters, immersing myself, I emerged reborn, no longer threatened by the strangely alluring photography. In fact, I rather like it.

WORM's last show - Dope Body, Staer, Droppings 27/10/2012

It's your last chance, don't miss out, please.

Playlist 4: The Playlist Pogrom

My name is Stephen, and I have a penchant for kitsch pop songs like I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper, Rasputin, Ça Plane Pour Moi and Kool in the Kaftan.

Uncle Weird's Weird Jukebox – Part One

I can really bore you with this thing about eating in BeneLux pop from 64-68. The Eurifans sang about eating mustard, Het Pocomania sang of the benefits of eating parsley with a very straight face indeed, daddy-oh and then there's this track by Ruud Knolraap & The Sweet Vegetable (Knoolraap being a turnip).

Playlist 3: A Life without Limits

Four weeks of listening to my entire library has made me realise that I’ve got so much shite in my iPod that it should be called an iPotty.

Incendiary's guide to Incubate 2012

This is our list of stuff to do at Incubate! Obviously we'd love you to come to our residency at the Extase - and encamp there over the weekend - but it's your time and you've spent your hard earned on a ticket so who are we to tell you what to do?

Playlist two: Fun follows function

Shallow Dave? Shallow? I expect you to eat that rather odd Cossack hat you favour, and a huge slice of humble pie. I'm glad I shot your dog. It wasn't an accident. You know where I live.

Playlist one: The King of Infinite Space 2012

Unfortunately, I tended to hit record. When I next played the tape, I’d discover that More Specials now comprised three minutes of a pissed bloke desperately trying to coax some life out of the old chap, followed by 17 minutes of snoring.

Incubate 2012 - Louder than War and Incendiary curate V39

Hot news! Louder Than War celebrates its own label launch at Incubate and Incendiarymag celebrates being 10!

Side Two: ‘Try this at home’

Part the second of Stephen James's home taping odyssey... "although I’d like to say that I married her and we lived happily ever after, that would be untrue. Instead we spent a few wonderful months together, then I, rather predictably started acting like a colossal arse, which precipitated a couple of turbulent weeks, after which she left me for a plumber. Story of my life."

The Zips and Helmettes Tour Holland in February 2012

OK a show you shouldn't miss if you're in the Hague or Amsterdam 24/25 February. The Zips and Helmettes  Here's the press release which puts it better than I can!


Incubate DIY Conference - Midi Theatre Tilburg 16/09/11

...the DIY conference was a nice idea, and on the whole really well presented. Incubate is strong on these things, let’s have some more of the same next year.

What happened to gigs?

Like a band? Enjoy their music? Wish to listen to said band for a reasonable price at your local student union or other popular venue? Well you can’t. Live music is no longer in existence. The “gig” is no more...unless of course you’re willing to escape with several broken limbs, bodily fluids in your hair, a bruised face and ego and claustrophobia. Yes, I’m calling it: the “gig” is dead.

Time of death: the 21st century.

Place of death: Within the hearts of myself and other cynics.
Cause: You.

Pop Campaign - Herzlich Willkommen!

An interesting single, Herzlich Willkommen / Schadenfreunde, is brought to our attention courtesy of Pop Campaign, a duo who flit between Glasgow & Berlin.

Attila The Stockbroker 30th Anniversary Gig

All Incendiary heads in the Netherlands should try to get to Attila The Stockbroker 30th Anniversary Gig! Here's some bumpf courtesy of the promoters.


The Sound of Silence – Three Ambient Albums You Might Have Missed

All different, sometimes challenging listens, but all eminently worth it

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