Bright Sparks

PoP Campaign – Kraut Popping

At times the record does seem to hold the listener aloof, as on Schadenfreunde and Ganz Ganz Ganz Genau which do have a little of Klaus Dinger’s glacial utopian  spirit about them.

High Castle – Spirit of the West

...a righteous and focussed stomp through some “hellish” urban future when there’s no more Kanye or broadband to console you:  “we got bad news for you” indeed.

Bleaklow – Sunless Country

Really enjoyable and could be meditational if they progress. Actually they could be lots of things if the band pushes harder.

Dear Reader Idealistic Animals

You could hardly accuse this album of being formulaic

May Days – By Appointment To

There’s something very appealing about this record and like the first faltering, precocious steps in any creative enterprise, those moments of early revelation are always ones that stick in the mind.

The Sister Ruby Band – In Cold Blood

Like a talented student producing a fair imitation of Las Meninas, Ruby proves he has something of worth, but the observer (or in this case listener) waits with interest whether he can fully escape the spell of the original master work.

Janice Graham Band – Muder B/W Assassiner

...there’s something in their urban swagger on this release that draws a line right back to the Scuttlers

The Masked Eldorados of the Americas - If You Are Prepared To Kill It You Can Eat It (Digi E.P)

As strange as the band’s history is, I’m not repeating it here; it involves Falmouth and animal masks but that sort of flippancy should not keep you from investigating their music.

Piano Interrupted – (S/T) EP

It’s only downside for me is that its perfection and cleverness hides a lot of potential.

The Tamborines - Black and Blue (B/W) Indian Hill

This record evokes times past for sure

Clowns – Idiot Boucing (B/W) Trousers

I'm none the wiser what trousers have to do with any of the music, but fair enough

Lil Daggers – King Corpse

Like a ten year old discovering a barrel of cider at the school disco

Custom Blue - The Tree EP

stately, relaxed and enchanting

Marten de Paepe - Boskoop

we start to get a glimpse of just what this guy may be capable of

Jonny Cola & The A Grades – Postcode Wars EP

it succeeds on sheer force of personality

LJ Gregory – In A Constant State of Becoming

This is NOT the only experimental electronic LP to be inspired by Todmorden this year, curiously enough. What’s going on?

Pitchkettle –Know One New

A very enjoyable listen indeed.

Bastard Sword – Whisk It

It’s not really from a planet near us.

Finglebone – 23


This lad’s work is really, really great.

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