Bright Sparks

The Scottish Enlightenment – St Thomas

Fever fever - The Bloodless EP

Chickenhawk – Modern Bodies

Not Cool - Rugged Raw

Anika – S/T

Violet Violet – The Ebony and Ivory EP

Sixty Watt Bayonets - I Wish I Was Your Girlfriend

Penny Bayonets sings, or should I say yelps, in a way that suggests she’s continually banging her little toe against something.

Derecho - Dropped at 10,000 feet

amateurish, pretentious, exteremely over wrought and I absolutely love it

Tin Man - I've Got My Lithium Ion You

if you don’t like title track even slightly then you’re just a grumpy bastard

Lille - Tall Shoulders

There’s a bear with sharp claws and it’s standing on a cloud throwing a jigsaw piece into the sky.

Charlie Barnes - Geekk

Elements of the soul boy sneak through intermittently too

The Shills - Sweet Inertia EP

you'll be ready to paint the town red after listening to this.

The Scottish Enlightenment - Pascal EP

as Scottish as Malt Whisky and just as enjoyable.

Super Adventure Club – Avoid Zombies

It’s wilfully perverse, and delights in tempo and tonal changes without a second thought.

2 Hot 2 Sweat – rarararararaRA!

no amount of knob twiddling can disguise the fact that there’s something missing from their sound

Violet Violet - For the Young and Fresh Boned

They’re loud, they’re exciting and they turn me on.

Schnaak – Women On Ships Are Bad Luck

A great, pulsating, vibrant racket.

The Kabeedies - Rumpus

a mess of teenage angst, lust and pop culture references

Hey Young Believer - Invisible By Day

They've thrown everything into the mix, good, bad and indifferent.

Lullwater - Forest For The Trees

The next Goo Goo Dolls.

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