Bright Sparks

Andrea Rottin – Songs About Nightmares

Songs About Nightmares draws on the astonishing vocal ambition of Rottin, who seems to be tire very quickly of presenting his voice in a straight manner.

The Millipedes - Shake Your Bones

The Millipedes are a surprisingly low camp tumble of 50/60s b-movie garage rock, fuzz-pop, bubblegum ballads and,erm, ska.

Monster Island – The Anchor

Tracks can become a woozy, slightly drugged plod at times, reminding one, (if we’re going to be fashionable) of Amon Düül 2’s Yeti played at 16rpm, or the Fugs after about 16 pints of mild.

Katsen - It Hertz!

At first glance it might seem odd for a Brighton duo to be appearing on Sheffield’s finest label. But Katsen deal in the sort of now vintage electropop that has long been appreciated in South Yorkshire.

Pride Parade - Dose

They chuck in some Cobain vocals and a handful of Mudhoney riffs and white noise before giving reverance to all things Black Sabbath at any opportunity and it all gets a bit noisy

Badun – Tandoori Tentacle

Everything is unobtrusive, nothing is mixed to jump out at you; in some ways it’s brilliant soundtrack for a lethargic morning.

David Cronenberg’s Wife – Hypnagogues

Hypnagogues starts with Sweden, a monotonous Ted Chippendale-as-boffin monologue over a sort of speeded up, droney Church of Anthrax backing.

Sixty Watt Bayonets – Pounding Hearts Fighting Words

In fact it’s been a long time since a female vocalist gave off such a ‘fuck you’ vibe.

The Wookies – Sparks

Maybe a bit too wilfully eccentric, but for all my journalistic pedantry, I kept listening. They definitely have something.

4 Women No Cry - Volume 3

My Lord, what a great LP this is. The title is pretty self-explanatory, 4 young ladies are drawn from different parts of the planet to showcase their individual talents, one after the other.

Anthem In - The Cloudbursting EP

Imagine what it would be like if Interpol knew what it would be like to smile and wear something other than black?

Dark Knights of Camelot - Hurrication EP

There’s nothing remotely “Joy Division” about them, which is a refreshing turn of events in today’s rock marketplace and cause for celebration in itself

Incendiary introduce Rook and the Ravens

Even when covering Ohio the lads still somehow manage to musically surpass Young by miles..

The Hayley Faye Band – Baby Sleep Mode

And I’ll tell you something else, these are bloody good pop songs, simple direct, fearless and possessing a pop kick to knock you into next week.

Greater California – All The Colors

We Swim You Jump - Sharks EP

the sound of a band full of promise

Easter - Hob Talk

pretty much like standing at a bus stop in a blizzard with no hat on and waiting half an hour until you can get on the number 73 to warm your ears up

Crystal Antlers – EP (S/T)

They obviously dig psych-outs (as indeed all true Heads should, it’s the fountain-head of all great alternative rock)

Rafter – Sweaty Magic EP

This is great fun, tipping it’s titfer to Clinton, Art of Noise and lo-fi in equal measure.

The Pale Gallery - EP

Shout shout bosh bosh wallop wallop

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