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Mr Gav’s July Dance-floor Round Up

...Goldie Locks, whose vocal might is enough to turn JJ Fad-esque skipping songs about Sainsbury’s into an apocalyptic wonkstep of the highest calibre (Exhibit B: "the kids ain't got nothing to do, messed up prime-minist-ah, no we're not hating on you but it's all pretty sinist-ah").

Wild Beasts – Limbo Panto

"’s actually quite a brilliant thing that the singer has room to emote to his heart’s content; (words like ‘conundrum’ are used in the lyrics: an act that normally would lead me to random acts of violence on my house plants. This time not).  "

Jeremy Jay - A Place Where We Could Go

"On the whole I’m not one for fey youths looking like they need a square meal singing about heartaches (check the lyrics, my lord does the lad suffer) but somehow Jay’s charm and determination wins through. "

Air Cav - Alliance/Branches

"Just when you think the last thing the world needs right now is another indie band from Manchester, one comes along that just make you feel like an idiot for thinking it."

Diebold – Listen to my Heartbeast

"Cinq Six Is a determined, jerky plod, sounding for all the world like a family of bears driving to the supermarket."

Politburo - The Oldest Empire EP

Politburo's sound is encrusted with the dirt of ages, a filthy fur coat adorned with heraldic raiment; a jewel-encrusted hand that nevertheless displays chapped and burnt fingernails…

Andy Ditzler - Songs From Yes and No

clever, funny and downright bonkers 

Incendiary grab a few words with My Amiga.

I'd say, basically, we're making pop music with a twist. Melodies are definitely a priority, they establish the feel and mood of the songs; a decent melody can turn an average song into a good one.

Bow Mods - Country Girls EP

There's a degree of Kinks-like playfulness that never fails to catch you, even when the subject matter is a bit grim... stabbings in Safeways indeed.

What's happening round at my space?

"Here's another lucky dip bag, filled to the brim with info on some of the best bands we've discovered on My Space over the last few weeks."

Adept - Adept

Adept are, indeed, adept at making very atmospheric music with a sense of urgency that doesn't really owe anything to anyone.

Rose Kemp - A Hand Full Of Hurricanes

Don't let lazy comparisons put you off.


Incendiary interview The Siege

Lincolnshire, it's big and shit and I hate it.

Big Truck - One Long Saturday Night

"Good run of the mill metal and good, run of the mill metal ballads. I can certainly see these guys cracking the American market and playing the main stage at the Download Festival"

Firebrand Boy - Orange

"Get this on vinyl if you can. Listening to it rekindles the feeling I got when I got my paws on the 7” Pictures on My Wall or Blue Boy or Never Understand or Sally Cinnamon. Incendiary's instructions are to play this record ad nauseum."

The Star Fighter Pilot - The Alkaline Maisonette E.P.

"Star Fighter Pilot is brilliant, simple as. He is an original voice and his art has that rare thing nowadays, original content. "

Blue Skies Up Compilation

And that's why Blue Skies Up is bound to have a real, genuine effect; scenesters and snobbishness are out of the window. There's no reason why this wouldn't work as side one of Now 79.

Cath Aubergine's musical guide to Manchester


As for three great unsigned Manchester acts? Right now I'd plump for the gloriously summery indie-pop of AMIDA (yes, the sun's even shining in Manchester today!), the excellent intense space-rock of THE SECOND FLOOR and the slightly deranged one-man electronic pop cynic that is THE STARFIGHTER PILOT.


The Music Lovers - The Words We Say Before We Sleep

The Music Lovers are swish. Swish because they're talented.

Dame Satan - Ghost Mansion

It may have been recorded in a living room with gaffer tape and few electrical wires but it sounds like it was conceived round a beach campfire with loyal and trusted friends.

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