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Myspace Music review April 2006

"New myspace bands for you to love kids!"

More Myspace bands!

"Group Sounds is the NYC party boy band notorious for wild live acts that usually include a strip show by keyboardist "sexy" Joe."

Friends of the Arctic Circle and David Sugar

Game Boy pop for the people  versus part of that South Cumbria sound! All very intriguing eh?

Part one of our trawls through the wonderful world of myspace.

An introduction to Dragonforce

"If you are a fan of all those lads who play guitar really fast… Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and even fat-legged pouting Swede Yngwie Malmsteen you'll love the guitar work, and be very envious of guitar-man Herman Li. "

Voltage - Hitting the Ground EP

"Hitting the Ground, a bad tempered and introspective rant – underpinned by an unholy mix of gloomy chords and mid-70s synths – think of Cluster jamming with the Mary Chain and you are about there.



Morton Valence - Man on the Corner/Sailors

Morton Valence were recently billed as having "the greatest singing pervert since Serge Gainsborough" within their ranks. I am happy to report this is completely true.

Outsider - Understanding EP

"The line “Wipe that ginger smile off your face” has to be the most obviously personal insult thrown in rock."

John Francis & Imposters - The Earnest Manboy Suite in E Major

To be blunt this album is around thirteen minutes of music and five minutes of typing noises.



The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up - Picks Us Apart

The problem I now have is that I know why he sounds so bloody pissed-off, and I'm not convinced it's any of my business.

Last Of The Blacksmiths - Last Of The Blacksmiths

Cool, calm and reflective.




Brahm's 3rd Racket - Highlights of the Peloponnesian Wars

David Kemper (the guy responsible for creating the words and music contained in this here album) certainly has too much going on inside his little head than is safe for one person.

The Court and Spark - Dead Diamond River EP

Read on and discover something wonderful.

Incendiary talk to The Polaroids

"Up until now we've been a bit like a baby marsupial in its mother's pouch. You have to know when the time is right to hop out into the wide world, and we want to do that fully grown."

The Polaroids - Urban Fox

I love this EP. Standing on its own two feet, meeting the world on its own terms and almost a classic.

Mercedes - Resolved

"Mercedes have nothing to do with monkeys as far as I'm aware (which is a shame) and they also have nothing to do with German automobiles (which I'm pleased about). "


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