Toby Keane - Lady Napalm & London

Toby Keane listen up. This isn’t fair. You can’t just drop something as wonderful as Lady Napalm into my lap, back it up with London, which is very nice indeed and expect me to be satisfied. This stuff is too good, too good to stand on its own. Lady Napalm is so achingly beautiful it almost made me cry on first listen. It’s simply too overpowering to sit together with only one other song.


You’re the brightest spark to appear in this section in a long while and if you’ve got a bagful of songs as good as Lady Napalm then I would say you have the potential to be the best singer songwriter I’ve heard come out of the UK since Tom McRae and I think that guy’s a genius. Please, whatever you’re doing, get an album together sharpish. Hell, play a gig, record it and send that over to us, complete with cord noise and clanking beer bottles if necessary. You can’t keep us wanting like this.


It just isn’t fair.


Words: Damian Leslie