Christy and Emily – Queen’s Head


Why Aren’t You Listening? Christy and Emily – Queen’s Head


I missed this first time around; you know you can’t listen to everything at once. But still… I’m overjoyed to have discovered Christy and Emily; two New York Bohemians making dreamy lo-fi pop is always cool in my books.


Ocean is a wide-eyed and slightly hypnotic number and in that respect it shares a similarity with the Velvets’ track of the same name. The track opens up into a defiant, jangly, slightly operatic mini-march half way through. Come to think of it, this LP is very Velvetsy indeed. Thunder and Lightening is a low fi, sluggardly take on U2’s basic I Will Follow riff, but rendered beautiful and groovy in a way that’s very reminiscent of Reed and co.


Elsewhere there are dreamy, changeable and slightly sinister songs such as Ghost, Signs and New Years. The undoubted highlights are the weird, but beautiful shimmer of Noah and the alternative tropical lullaby, Island Song. As an LP it’s an incredibly well-crafted piece, seemingly unchanging and slightly dissonant pieces that keep the listener on tenterhooks throughout.


A really fantastic album. Good to waste time dreaming to I’d say.


Words: Richard Foster