Fania Records 1964-1980: the original sound of Latin New York

Trumpets I tell you. A lot of trumpets.

Trumpets. Bongos. Trumpets. Pianos. Maracas and Shakers. Trumpets. Spanish singers and more trumpets. The original sound of Latin new York contained trumpets. Trumpets I tell you. A lot of trumpets. Joking aside, this is the party album of the year. Sultry, sexy, funky and dripping with style. This Fania Records collection kicks the Buena Vista Social Club out of the water , slaps them senseless and then runs off with their women. This is the album the dinner party crowd should be serving their pasta and goat cheese salads to in the coming years. It is an outstanding collection of Cuban and Latin influenced funk, soul and salsa and man does it groove. 2 cds of joy from start to finish.


Truly fantastic, even the trumpets.