Fuzzy Lights - Helm

rewards your attention in the most extraordinary manner


Let me take a moment to compose myself. You see, I’ve just had to listen to the Helm EP once again and it’s a powerful thing. In fact, if you’re of a sensitive disposition, or if you’re feeling a bit emotionally fragile at the moment, you may want to tread carefully into this review because Helm has the power to turn you into a gibbering wreck. You may find yourself questioning all aspects of your life, all your current relationships and working practices. You may catch yourself, in a Professor Brian Cox style, standing on top of a mountain staring at the stars muttering to yourself about how the universe is like a giant tea bag. Alternatively, you may just find yourself sitting in a room, staring at your stereo, transfixed by what’s coming out of the speakers. Personally, I’d recommend the latter, so as not to make your parents worry so much.

Helm gets under your skin. Quickly.  It evokes a range of emotions and feelings. It teases you, it toys with you and it rewards your attention in the most extraordinary manner. There may well be four separate tracks on this EP but they combine to form one of the most dramatic works of music you’ll have treated your ears to in many a decade.

I’ve lived with this EP for around a year now and it never, ever, ever fails to astonish me. Helm seems timeless, ethereal and otherworldly. I won’t even attempt to describe it. That would just ruin it for you. Just lock yourself away for twenty minutes and treat yourself. It is, quite simply, incredible.