Godspunk - Volume Seven

Godspunk - Volume Seven



Blackpool’s greatest set of avant garde music poets compile yet another brilliant CD choc-full of punk & outré tunes to satisfy every taste. I fucking love Pumf, they can’t fail. While the rock world blethers on and on, seemingly forever driving at 3mph round that drearily existential musical roundabout named underachievement, Pumf churn out committed, funny, intelligent and affordable releases by the bucket-load.


Volume seven of the Godspunk canon has a number of old friends; Howl in the Typewriter’s demented Planet Head (replete with “advice” & bagpipes) kicks things off in style. And UNIT do a passionate mini set amidships, with Better Dead than Red the highlight.


Picking up on Howl’s occasional screams of “techno” on Planet Head, it seems as if a dye has been partially struck for Volume Seven. There’s a lot more dancey and droney stuff. A – RooHmania take us back to 1991 with thoughtless whereas HRT take us into outer space (with a nod to the likes of Coldcut on the way) with The Hairline Crack. And Las Vegas Mermaids’ Bruce Willis can be called a dance track of sorts: (for me it’s like an oddly appealing mix of Long Blondes chanteuse-isms and a spazzcore take on a Euro beat not heard since Jive Bunny). There are the usual oddities too. The Richwoods’ brilliant ukulele tracks Snow on the Sea Chinned and Uke Crazy Mother a sonic impression of swimming (courtesy of The Cheeky Buddhas) and a school choir give a welcome levity at just the right times.


Taken all in all, a most enlivening and stimulating listen.