Shine feat. Terry Reid 

Sixties souls singer plus French prog rock band, hmm, not the most promising of collaborations you might think. Well, on this evidence you’d be wrong, because this is a marvellous EP, full of wit and sass and nodding at times to a Stax or late Motown vibe. The songs would be very suited to a film soundtrack: it most definitely is widescreen music - maybe its Reid’s rich and flexible vocal performance that allows the necessary feeling of relaxed contemplation.

Opener Mind Dance is a cocky strut, suited for walking through town on a Saturday morning in Spring. I’m Here is almost a classic sixties lament (Small Faces Style) with its minor-major chord shifts and falsetto vocal payoff. The string arrangement is bloody great on this track, pushing when needed but buggering off sharpish when not needed. Feel Right is a moody run through that sees Reid’s voice add texture to a thrumming bass line.

A really enjoyable surprise.