Electric fans on a boat!

Title says it all. You wanna go, don’t you?

Title says it all. You wanna go, don’t you?

Just had this posted on the forum. Sounds like a match made in heaven as far as we’re concerned, but take a life jacket, cos things could get quite rocky out there on the water.


"This Sunday, Nov. 28 the Electric Fans are playing at Boat T.S. 31, docked at Oostelijkehandelskade, next 2 the Jan Shaefer bridge. It’s next to the Pakhuis Afrika. Travel east from behind Central Station, turn left at the first traffic light and it’s on your left side. The gig is 5 euros and the band starts at 10:30. The doors open at 7. First, there’s a documentary about John Sinclair, 60s radical, member of the MC5 crew, counterculture legend. After the film, John Sinclair and his Blues Scholars will perform. Then the efans…as late as we wanna!"

See you there, with flippers on!